Home of Appleby Gardens Condominiums

Burlington, home to the new and stunning Appleby Gardens Condominiums is a great place to put down roots. This blog will start to explore the more exciting aspects of Appleby Gardens, Condo living and the amenities that Burlington has to offer. Being named the ‘Best Mid-Sized City in Canada‘ in MoneySense’s 2014 National City ranking gives homebuyers cause for celebration and excitement as they search for that perfect home.

Short History of Burlington

Burlington has a unique place in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe area, being geographically marked as the center of the GHA and yet still part of the GTA. This great city placement means that the beautiful sites of the World recognized natural wonders of the Niagara Escarpment and Falls are quick commutes, while still providing a convenient option for those working in downtown Toronto with GoRail options.

Once a pioneer settlement between the great town of York and Hamilton, Burlington was settled for its great farming land and moderate temperatures; it’s once prominent wharf-side docks were replaced with rail for the local farmer’s produce. The farming history of the area is prominent and to this day still dominates the southwest end of the city near the Grindstone watershed. As the first location in Canada to grow peaches it was considered the ‘Garden of Canada’.

Moderated Weather

The town’s population began to boom after the world wars and continues to outpace the national average on an annual basis. Part of this growth is because of Burlington’s great location for transportation and commuting. Yet it is also for its more moderate weather as its snow and low temperatures are moderated by its closeness to Lake Ontario and the sheltering effect of the Niagara Escarpment to the south of the city.

Diversified Economy

Situated as it is between the huge economic engine that is Toronto and the large Hamilton metropolitan area, Burlington businesses thrive and benefit from these two large markets. As its economy is very diversified, it allows the city to weather economic downturns better than other economies. This can be seen by its low unemployment, currently at 5.5%, compared to Ontario’s rate of 6.9% and Canada’s rate of 7.1%. Being able to depend on your community to continually reinvigorate its corporate base is important for homeowners. You can be confident in choosing Burlington for its ability to continually provide better job opportunities for you and your family.

Quality Amenities

Natural Beauty

With waterfront trails, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Mount Nemo Conservation Area and plenty of other outdoor parks, gardens and activities your home in Burlington is well situated to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. With a short drive you can enjoy the Iroquoian Bruce Trail section, the Niagara Escarpment and other great south central Ontario natural areas.

Transportation Hub

Being at the hub of the Queen Elizabeth Way, the 403 and 407 highways with the 401 being a short 7 minute drive from the north western end of the city you have access to an amazing array of transportation options. Add in the ample public transportation options including the GoRail stations at Aldershot, Burlington and Appleby Stations as well as GoBus stations, ViaRail station in Aldershot and the Burlington Transit buses; there is simply no better location to enjoy a car-free life if you want to.


The Burlington Performing Arts Centre and the Drury Lane Theatre provide a great way to enjoy plays, music performances and theatre productions close to home. The Ireland House Museum, Joseph Brant Museum and The Museum of Oddities allow you to satisfy your weekend curiosities with their interactive displays and ongoing displays on various aspects of culture in Burlington.


The Mapleview Shopping Centre and the Burlington Mall provide a shopping extravaganza close to your new Condo. With larger shopping markets close by in Toronto, Vaughn, and Hamilton, the best deals are never far away.

These are just a few highlights to show you the well-rounded nature Burlington provides to its residents. These give the basis for why you might want to buy an Appleby Gardens Condominium in Burlington, but with weekly articles in this blog we will start to explore these features in more depth as well as why a Condo might be a much better choice over a traditional house.