Burlington Lifestyle Spring Home Show

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments understands that you may need get inspiration for decorating and outfitting your new home. With completion of Appleby Gardens coming faster than you realize it may be time to start doing the Spring Home Show circuit around the GTA. Here is a list of Spring Home Shows that can get your creative juices flowing and even have you shopping for that perfect piece of furniture, art or accessory for your new home.

Burlington Lifestyle Home Show

The show runs April 22-April 24 and presents a long list of local and national vendors for your home. This series of home shows provide a great way to find local vendors for your home. From gardening, landscaping to furniture and interior decorating; with so many vendors they allow you to get great ideas for decorating your new condo.  For vendor coupons, check out this site.

From the same show producers, you could also attend the upcoming Lifestyle Spring Home Shows in St. Catharines, Mississauga, Vaughan and Burlington. Details are available here.

National Home Show Review

Although you may have missed the largest home show in Canada for this year, it is already scheduled for next year from March 10-19, 2017, so mark your calendar.

What were the design trends from this year’s National event?

One event at the home show that dates back to the 1950s is the FutureDreamHome that showcases the latest trends in building design and technology. This old event provides ideas for today and the future. From the latest in construction materials to sustainable cutting-edge technologies to the rising SmartHome, the show was a great way to see how homes are being transformed.

One of the major changes includes the ‘Eating & Entertaining’ spaces that are taking over the design of new homes. No longer do you have formal dining rooms, with a kitchen hidden off to one side. Kitchens are taking center stage with bright and open concepts that include spacious islands that double as eating centers. With SmartHome technologies, wireless TV and sound are being included as the kitchen has become the gathering spot of the new home. This concept is being taken out doors as well.

Outdoor living space has become a huge trend in condo developments as well as homes that allow you to enjoy the comforts of the home while enjoying nature.

How to Maximize Your Visit

In order to maximize your visit to a home show, many of which require a small fee to enter, be sure to set aside the entire day for a visit. This will allow you the time needed to potentially wait in line to talk to the vendors you want to inquire about. As well, it will give you time to visit all the vendors. There may be new trends or products for your new condo that you had not thought about and this gives you the time needed to explore these great ideas. Be sure to take a small pad and pen or have a note-taking app on your smartphone to keep track of pertinent information. Collect business cards from the vendors you want to follow up with as well.

When buying a new Condo, like Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence, there is still the process of making it your home. These shows give you an opportunity to learn about new interior decorating trends and find new ideas to maximize your space.