Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes bright sunlight and open windows. This is also an ideal time to start spring cleaning your condo. In order to take full advantage of the wonderful weather, here are some tips you can use to minimize the time you spend cleaning your condo, and maximize the enjoyment you get out of living in Appleby Gardens.

Have The Right Supplies

Before you start cleaning, take a look at what cleaning products and items you have, and buy what’s missing. When it comes to cleaning products, be sure you buy the most effective ones. This allows the product to do most of the work, not you, and will save you a lot of time.

Work Room By Room

Trying to clean your entire condo can feel overwhelming, and can actually slow you down. A better way to approach this, and to feel accomplished as you clean, is to work room by room. To refine this even further, start in one corner and work your way out. The noticeable difference will be encouraging, and can help motivate you to work faster.


Before you start to clean, go around your home and tidy up any clutter. Most of us accumulate a lot of things throughout our lives, and experts estimate that only twenty percent of those items are actually important. Go through your home and throw out, shred, or recycle any clutter. This will go a long way to making your home look tidy even before you clean

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Using cleaning supplies that are efficient and effective will help reduce the amount of scrubbing you do. Letting the products sit and soak in before wiping them off will ensure that the products are doing their job, and that you don’t need to work up a sweat while cleaning your condo. Other things, like letting the dishes soak and using self-cleaning settings where possible will also save you time, and energy.

Don’t Ignore Hidden Areas

Things like window coverings, exhaust fans, refrigerator coils, and the area behind the oven tend to get overlooked, even when condo owners do a big clean. Don’t ignore these areas. When you keep on top of them, they are simple tasks that are easy to complete, but allowing dirt and grime to build up can make them seem monumental later on.

Focus On Visible Areas

One of the biggest benefits of Appleby Gardens is the size of the condos themselves. While condo owners love to have a large living space, it can make spring cleaning seem daunting. When you sit down to plan out your clearing approach, focus on the most visible areas first – such as the living room, home office, and kitchen.

Know Your Limits

Another benefit of condo living, is that you don’t have to worry about the exterior of the building or landscaping, which can cut down dramatically on spring cleaning time. However, many of us have carpets, or other upholstery, that needs to be cleaned. Don’t try to undertake these tasks yourself. Instead, hire a professional who will have the right tools for the job, and can get those items in perfect condition without stress and hassle.

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