Brant Street Pier

Brant Street Pier

There are many that dream of a life by the ocean with beach front living in a vivacious community and a home that fits into your modern living needs but has an eccentric appeal that goes beyond function. The new 7-storey ultra-luxurious condos of Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments models the best highlights of Santa Monica design while providing a modern update.

Eclectic Style of SaMo

One of the most famous architects this century was in fact born in Toronto and is best known for his Guggenheim Museum in Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles; Frank Gehry. This late life revival evolved out of the design of his own home as a unique example of deconstructivism in the heart of residential housing in Santa Monica.

Gehry’s iconic bungalow provided a deconstructed view on housing angles and structures while using non-standard construction materials all embellished with an amazingly large skylight to split the home down the middle. However, the SaMo style is one of laid-back luxury. Being able to provide unique designs that offer just as much in eye-pleasing designs as they do in luxurious function is a cornerstone of developers in the area.

Appleby Gardens, unique exterior design and mix of materials provides that same artistic flair giving a depth of appreciation to its artistic design. From deconstructed wood paneled exterior squares to its modern use of concrete, steel and glass provides owners with a modern SaMo design in the heart of Burlington.

Understated Lifestyle

The other aspect in SaMo you may be familiar with is its understated luxury. Locals in SaMo are often professionals in Silicon Valley or Hollywood stars, yet at home in SaMo this gets an understated impression. Stars, professionals and locals all feel at home in this mid-sized American town offering a wide variety of local attractions. From the Santa Monica Pier that has graced the ocean front for over a hundred years to the great weather in this micro-climate that offers perfect temperatures where many profess to never put on the ‘air’ or heat all year long.

In Burlington, many parallels can be drawn to the great Santa Monica understated but luxurious lifestyle. First it is outside the glitz of Toronto, offering a quiet and sedate lifestyle, wrapped in luxurious undertones. The Brant Street Pier in Spencer Smith Park offers a great option similar to the Santa Monica Pier with great lakefront walks, exercise and views of the surrounding shoreline. Burlington offers quality shopping in various ways including quaint downtown luxury boutiques, an outdoor open air Appleby Mall directly beside your new home at Appleby Gardens and two traditional malls, Burlington Mall and Mapleview Centre. Being sheltered by the Niagara escarpment even provides a micro-climate similar to SaMo. Where weather is often moderated giving the area generally less snow and milder temperatures being on Lake Ontario.

Luxury Residences

Lastly the interior design of Appleby Gardens provides the best connection with SaMo style. The units include smart designs to give you the optimal use of every square inch of your luxury residence. These include six full appliances, lots of closet storage space and open, bright and airy designs as well as luxurious detailing like marble and granite countertops, quality light fixtures and suite options including dens, lofts and penthouse designs.

SaMoNorth has arrived in the elegant styling, understated luxury and artistic expression of Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences.