Living Local

Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments has hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to offering an option for those new homeowners that want a liveable and walkable neighbourhood. These luxury residences are being built on Appleby Line in Burlington in a growing neighbourhood that offers all the amenities you come to expect nearby. Living locally is a movement that is growing in importance across the globe, even in smaller towns, not just metropolises. People want to be able to leave the car at home and, walk, jog, cycle or transit to nearby amenities in order to do their part for the environment and spend less time in a car. LJM Developments help make that possible with their building designs as well.

Living Locally

This entire movement has stemmed from a dual effort to get people to recognize the beauty and importance of their local communities. One half of the effort came out of small businesses across North America promoting themselves as the answer to urban sprawl and big power centers. Instead of driving 30 minutes to the nearest big box store, small local businesses offer many of the same goods right next door. As small businesses employ upwards of 80% of all employees in North America it also makes sense for consumers to continue to support these smaller enterprises. Saving 10-20% on an item, but driving 20-40 kms to get it, wasting gas and an hour of your time, seems less worth it, if the same option is a two-minute walk from home.

The second half of the dual effort of course comes from the green movement and encourages everyone to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels as much as possible. Living locally, enjoying the amenities close to you including parks, shopping, community activities within mass transit, walking or cycling offers this opportunity for everyone to do their part to fight climate change and its harmful effects. LJM accepts this challenge with every new build.

The Boutique Difference

As a boutique real estate developer, LJM has proven their worth in their projects in order to add to each and every community they build in. From the very beginning in choosing site locations to the final details, their engineers, architects and workers are cognizant of the impact their project will make on the environment and the community they want to develop.

This can be seen in their current Condo projects that offer a number of amenities with on-site retailers. By being able to hop downstairs for a coffee, haircut, mani and pedi or a bite to eat, within your own building LJM offers a way to cut out one more trip in the car. By choosing to focus on building up, instead of out, LJM also helps to promote the Greenbelt of Ontario. Of course, a green-focused builder also helps you feel better about living locally and supporting your environment.

The Appleby Way

Within 10 minutes walking distance of the Appleby Gardens includes some great amenities helping you live locally as outlined below.


Looking for a great cup of coffee? The Coffee Culture Café & Eatery, Tim Horton’s and Starbucks are all within a minute or two walk.

Need a quick bite to eat? Here the choices are endless, from Mucho Burrito, Subway and Harvey’s to more upscale choices like Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar or Turtle Jack’s for fine dinning there are options within a few steps of your new home.

Need a hammer and nails? Rona is just a 4 minute walk. Have that picture up in no time.

Grocery shopping is a few steps away at the Hasty Market or for longer lists a Metro Supermarket is less than 10 minutes away.

Outdoor Life

Of course there are about a dozen parks within walking and cycling distance from your new home, making enjoying your local living a dream.


The Tansley Woods Community Center is just over a 20 minutes walk from Appleby and Haber Recreation Center is about 30 minutes or 20 minutes by local transit.

Living local is easier than you think at the Luxury Residences of Appleby Gardens.