Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo has many benefits such as access to great amenities and public transportation, low maintenance level and costs, green space access, and much more. Another great aspect of condo ownership is the high level of customization you can bring to your home’s interior design. Designing your condo’s interior is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and add your own flair through your design choices. From paint colour to furniture choices, making your condo fit your style is all about how you want to present your space to your guests. Here are a few decorating tips to give you inspiration for your condo interior design:

  1.     A well-placed mirror can make a big difference in a room! When you place a mirror opposite a window, the natural light from the window is reflected throughout the room. This brightens any space and makes it feel more open and airy. The bigger the mirror, the more light that is reflected!
  2.     Incorporating metallic or shiny fixtures and décor items, like a metallic lampshade, can also help reflect and disperse light in a room, creating that natural brightness. It’s also a way to incorporate a bold piece into your décor!
  3.     Floating shelving is a great way to provide storage, without the bulkiness of a bookcase or shelving unit. Install floating shelves right onto the wall for a modern sleek storage option.
  4.     Making your curtains the same colour as the walls creates an unbroken flow to the room and makes the room feel larger.
  5.     Decorative pieces that can be used for dual purposes are excellent for condo living because it saves space. A stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage chest is an example of a double-duty piece!

There are many ways to decorate your condo space, even incorporating lovely planters to add a touch of green freshness to a room. At Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences, your condo is your oasis. Our open floor plans and modern fixtures offer a wonderful canvas for you to add your own interior design flair. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, or to start planning your future in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo, book your showing today. You can also contact our friendly sales team at 1-877-885-0284.