Living in a luxury condo has a plethora of benefits, one of which being your ability to customize your space to fit your taste and lifestyle. You can choose a décor theme, and furnish your condo however your heart desires! Another way to customize your home is to add a bit of green, and get gardening. Though you may not have a typical yard space for a garden, there are many ways you can tastefully incorporate plants into your condo.


Plants can add a splash of colour to any room, and provide a taste of the outdoors in between trips to the nearby park. A potted plant can be placed in any living space, and range from large leafy spreads to small succulent terrariums. Depending on your preference, you can customize an indoor planter however you like, from the plant type you choose to the amount of maintenance they require. Succulents and cacti tend to be favourite indoor plants due to their low maintenance and array of beautiful colours.

Window boxes

Another style of indoor garden is the indoor window box, a small rectangular glass box that fits on any windowsill. This is a great option for indoor gardening because your plants will have access to all the light they need! A great idea for the indoor window box is placing it in a kitchen window and planting fresh herbs in it. You will have all of your favourite fresh herbs at your fingertips, and can brag to your friends that you’ve grown them yourself!

Balcony garden

Placing your favourite plants in a balcony garden creates your very own outdoor oasis. Placing a few planter boxes on your balcony gives you the garden you desire-no need for a yard! You can plant your own veggies and herbs, or your favourite blooming flowers to bring a lively freshness to your balcony. In a small space like a balcony, less is more- it’s best to have a few well-tended plants than an overgrown jungle!

These are just a few ways you can bring the outdoors in, and liven up your living space with some greenery. Your condo is your home, and you can make it into the oasis you’ve always wanted. At Appleby Gardens, our open concept floor plans and modern finishes make a perfect layout for customizing however you like. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, schedule your showing by calling our sales team at 1-877-885-0284 or book online today and start planning your future at Appleby Gardens!