Joseph Brant Museum

Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments is a luxury residence in one of the greatest cities to live in here in Canada. Yet it is only as great as its residents. By owning at Appleby Gardens you have a unique opportunity to become an active community member and help keep Burlington great. LJM Developments takes great pride in its civic duty and encourages its staff, vendors and residents to get involved to make it the city you want to live in, raise a family and retire in. Here are just a few great options around Burlington that could use your help.

Cultural Pursuits

One of the great elements of society is being able to get involved in pursuits that relate directly to your cultural heritage. In Burlington there is no shortage of cultural institutions that are deserving of your attention.

Joseph Brant Museum – a museum that celebrates the foundations of this great city. Dedicated to the founder of Burlington, the Mohawk who first settled at the Head-of-the-Lake and located in a replica of Joseph Brant’s original home, its collection unearths the early years in Burlington.

Ireland House Museum – represents the oldest Heritage Home in Burlington, a farm house built in 1837 exploring early Upper Canada farming life; a place revering the area’s agricultural pursuits and achievements.

The Friends of Bronte Creek Provincial Park is another great group to volunteer your time for the improvement of cultural outdoor pursuits.


The Wonders of Art and Music

If your interests lie more in the world of art and music than the past, these local organizations provide a great leisure-time outlet for community building.

Burlington Concert Band – founded in 1908 is a band composed of local musician volunteers and plays a wide range of styles and repertoire. Its main focus is to provide events to raise funds for various charitable causes is a member of the Performing Arts Burlington and Canadian Band Association and plays mainly in the Burlington Performing Arts Center. With no audition necessary it is a great to get involved and give back to the community.

Arts Burlington – provides a group communication, fundraising and event tool between the various guilds of the Art Gallery of Burlington as a separate organization. If you love to paint, sculpt, hand weave, produce pottery, wood carve or produce other handicrafts than this is the local organization for you. Find like-minded individuals and participate in Burlington’s thriving arts scene.


Civic Pride Volunteerism

Of course there are many organizations that need your help. These organizations are non-profit and help in various ways throughout the community, from helping new immigrants, at-risk children, combating poverty and helping those with mental illness.

United Way Burlington – if you are looking for an umbrella organization that provides funding for hundreds of local charities, foundations and non-profits the United Way should be your go to organization.

Your Burlington – if you are looking for a specific organization this website provides a great list of all the non-profit organizations in the area helping others. Find one that fits your interests and passion and become a community builder.

Reach out to your new community, get involved and keep Burlington one of the best cities to live in with your passion and commitment. As a new resident of Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences in Burlington getting involved helps everyone.