Furniture Tips for First Time Condo Buyers

If you are a first time condo buyer, after you sign on the dotted line, the next exciting task is furnishing your new home. Furnishing your condo does not need to break the bank, and you can choose any aesthetic you desire. Here are a few Appleby Gardens tips for first-time condo furnishers: Know your design vision Selecting a decor theme for your condo allows you to figure out exactly what you want your condo to say about you. Do you want it to be modern so that it matches those perfect marble countertops you fell in love with? If so, glass tables, sleek black chairs and a black and white motif might be what you are looking for. Maybe you’d prefer to have a more colorful, relaxed approach, in which buying a sectional instead of a sofa would be a good option. Size Matters You don’t want to clutter your new condo. Furniture shopping can be tricky if you don’t have the proper measurements of the space you are working with. It wouldn’t be too great to buy an amazing sofa only to find out it takes away half the entrance way. So, when measuring the space you want to fill, be sure to take the measurements from every side and subtract each by about 2 inches. You don’t want your furniture right against the walls. The kitchen is probably the most important room to measure. Having a kitchen table set too big for the space, will make it hard to move around with hot dishes. Be Realistic Set a realistic budget for your furniture purchases and stick to it. Always remember that in a small space, you need to sort through the things you want versus the things you need. Making sure that you have furniture pieces that can double as other pieces is beneficial when trying to furnish a condo. For example, you could have a beautiful black leather ottoman that opens up to provide some ideal storage. These are just a few things you can do when you are looking to buy furniture for your very first condo. Being a first time buyer is an...

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The Environmental Benefits of Living in a Condo in Burlington

Many people are searching for a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. There are a lot of great environmental benefits when you choose condo living. We have compiled a list of just a few of these benefits to show just how eco-friendly condo living can be! Energy Efficiency In a multi-level detached home, there are many rooms to heat in the winter, and to cool in the summer. With your Appleby Gardens luxury condominium, you have control of your home temperature, and with open floor plans and optimal air flow, heating and cooling is a breeze. With less unused space to heat and cool, and the benefit of shared walls, heating and cooling is much more efficient within the condo building than in a detached home. Accessible neighborhoods Located in the heart of Burlington, Appleby Gardens is a luxury private residence with all the necessities and amenities you need right at your doorstep! Having a local grocery store, pharmacy, fine dining, retail stores, and more within walking distance means you can leave the car parked, reducing pollution. The Appleby Gardens building also contains a fitness center and a party room, meaning you can access great amenities right within your building, cutting down transportation to find them elsewhere. Condo living helps you lead a more active lifestyle with immediate access to green space, and the ability to walk anywhere you need! Green Space Appleby Gardens Condominiums is a 7-storey condo building providing all the luxury of living in a modern upscale home, without the operational and maintenance costs of a detached house. Condo buildings save valuable green space, and provide a solution for urban sprawl. By combining many luxury homes conveniently into one building, more land is available for green space. The energy efficiency and sustainability that condo living provides is what makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Centrally located in a friendly neighborhood with quick access to many transit routes, Appleby Gardens Condominiums makes the perfect home. With all amenities right outside your door, Appleby Gardens Condominiums provide modern comfortable living for those with an urban active lifestyle. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, come and...

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An Interview of LJM’s Liaquat Mian by UrbanToronto.ca

Reprinted from UrbanToronto.ca March 16, 2016 11:32 am | by Stefan Novakovic Driving north on Burlington’s Appleby Line, plots of undeveloped land dotted with low-rise structures meet the eye north of the QEW. Continuing north, however, a more urban landscape becomes visible in the distance. Coming to the intersection of Appleby and Ironside Drive, a high-rise condominium stands across from a retail plaza, with a trail of development in the midst of construction to the south. This is where we meet LJM Developments‘ Liaquat Mian, who 15 years ago founded the company that is now redeveloping much of northern Burlington into an increasingly urban landscape. Across the street from LJM’s 225-unit Ironstone condominium (completed in 2013), LJM’s head office is housed in the Uptown Center, a mixed-use retail and office plaza that improves the car-oriented built form typical of suburban retail development. Meeting Mian in the second-floor office, the LJM founder’s extravagant and visually striking style is met by a thoughtful and considered approach to development. Looking out over the plaza, Mian describes the layout and design of the space as an attempt to bridge the gap between the automobile-dependant realities of suburban life and pedestrian culture. Featuring “extra-wide sidewalks, landscaping, and lots of outdoor patio space for every restaurant” Mian stresses that the Uptown Center’s design is geared to welcome pedestrians, and to encourage street-level vibrancy. “Each of the storefronts is also angled towards the street,” Mian tells us, explaining that the visual interest of more dynamic facades gives storefronts a greater street presence while making for a more engaging pedestrian experience. It’s still a fundamentally suburban typology, though it’s one that makes a concerted effort to welcome pedestrians. Within an urban context, it would not mean much, but driving past a series of flat, lifeless Burlington strip malls, LJM’s approach stands out. “The hope is to create a more complete community here, and to facilitate more pedestrian-friendly lifestyles.” “For the community across the street, it allows people to come outside and access services and amenities within walking distance,” says Mian. “We want to give people living here the freedom to do everyday things without the car,” he adds, emphasizing the...

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10 Best Reasons to Purchase an Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments has many great features for home seekers, yet in this article we outline just the top ten reasons you should call us today for your appointment. As a luxury residence in Burlington, built by a boutique builder this list becomes effortless! The Best City Burlington has been named as one of the best cities in Canada in which to live, in fact scoring a top three spot in the 2015 rankings. Many that move to the area prefer its location between the hub of Toronto and Hamilton as well as its proximity to Niagara and cross-border shopping opportunities. A Transportation Hub Not only is Burlington excellently located between Toronto and Hamilton, two economic powerhouses, it is situated in a perfect transportation hub giving access to the 401, 403 and 407 highways, the GO Train station in Burlington and a VIA rail station in Aldershot, close by. With less than a sixty minute drive to one of the busiest airports in the world at Pearson or two other regional airports in Waterloo or Hamilton, your flight choices are unprecedented. Neighbourhood Luxuries Living on Appleby Line in Burlington provides amazing neighbourhood luxuries that you would not have in most other areas of Burlington, including the UpTown Commercial Center offering dental, massage, Starbucks, restaurants and more virtually at your door. With other large retailers like Canadian Tire, Metro grocery stores, banking facilities and more, all modern conveniences are within walking distance, allowing you the luxury of leaving the car at home. Premier Architectural Design Legendary ICON Architects are responsible for the building design of Appleby Gardens providing a top-notch facility not only in amenities, cement structural design for long term durability but also a façade that is eye-catching and beautiful to look at. Included Features Do not forget the many luxury features that are included in the condominium fees including a state of the art fitness facility, 24 hour concierge lobby with free Wifi, party room and underground parking make it a perfect oasis. Lower Maintenance Costs Tired of ridiculous taxes and maintenance costs as associated with Condominiums in the Toronto area? With Appleby Gardens...

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Living in Appleby Gardens offers a chance to Live Locally

Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments has hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to offering an option for those new homeowners that want a liveable and walkable neighbourhood. These luxury residences are being built on Appleby Line in Burlington in a growing neighbourhood that offers all the amenities you come to expect nearby. Living locally is a movement that is growing in importance across the globe, even in smaller towns, not just metropolises. People want to be able to leave the car at home and, walk, jog, cycle or transit to nearby amenities in order to do their part for the environment and spend less time in a car. LJM Developments help make that possible with their building designs as well. Living Locally This entire movement has stemmed from a dual effort to get people to recognize the beauty and importance of their local communities. One half of the effort came out of small businesses across North America promoting themselves as the answer to urban sprawl and big power centers. Instead of driving 30 minutes to the nearest big box store, small local businesses offer many of the same goods right next door. As small businesses employ upwards of 80% of all employees in North America it also makes sense for consumers to continue to support these smaller enterprises. Saving 10-20% on an item, but driving 20-40 kms to get it, wasting gas and an hour of your time, seems less worth it, if the same option is a two-minute walk from home. The second half of the dual effort of course comes from the green movement and encourages everyone to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels as much as possible. Living locally, enjoying the amenities close to you including parks, shopping, community activities within mass transit, walking or cycling offers this opportunity for everyone to do their part to fight climate change and its harmful effects. LJM accepts this challenge with every new build. The Boutique Difference As a boutique real estate developer, LJM has proven their worth in their projects in order to add to each and every community they build in. From the...

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