5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Move into Appleby Gardens

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is set to unveil the finished condo structure in June 2016. With move-in dates looming ever closer on the horizon, you may be panicked in having to move in. You may have thought that moving into your new home would be easy, but all of a sudden you are behind on packing and are not sure how you will get everything accomplished on time. Hiring a pro, although a little more expensive, saves you the headache and stress of doing it all yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you might prefer to leave it to the pros. Efficient Pro Packing One way the pros are better, is being able to pack up your home in a consistent and efficient manner. Professional packers know exactly how to pack all manner of items, ensuring efficient use of boxes. Most often pro-packers will actually use less boxes lowering material costs and allowing smaller trucks for moving. Condo Moving Experts Moving into a condo is not the same as moving from house to house. You will need to contact the on-site Appleby Gardens staff for a move-in appointment, book the elevators and ensure you do not damage the building on move-in. With professional movers, you simply leave it all up to them. They are responsible for the move-in process and any damages they may cause. Safe, Secure & Insured During the moving process you may damage your belongings because, simply put, you are not used to moving large objects, odd-sized objects or they are improperly packaged and stored in the truck. Professionals understand how to pack and secure items in a moving truck to avoid costly damages to furniture and precious treasures. Proper moving companies will also be insured against breakage and loss during the move. The Right Equipment Have you ever tried to move a sofa or large dresser without the proper equipment? Without the right moving equipment there is a great degree of damage that your items and surrounding walls will be damaged. Let the pros move you with the right equipment. Save Time Pull up a chair, direct the move like...

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10 Reasons Why Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is the Condo for You

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is a luxury residence that is set for completion in June of 2016. With just a few weeks and just a couple units left in the unit, here is a great list why you might want to snap up a unit. Bespoke Style LJM is known as a boutique builder that not only cares about the style and layout of every single unit, but also ensures that the outside of the building is an architectural work of art that will have value for decades. The View Buying a unit on floors five through seven provide unprecedented views of surrounding Burlington, giving you a view detached home owners would dream of. Underground Parking Heated underground parking means you get up in the morning, walk to your car and drive away. Never having to worry about snow and ice again in Canada is a dream in itself. Reduced Lifestyle Fees With a party room, WiFi lobby, and fitness centre you can enjoy the perks of these lifestyle elements without having to pay extra monthly fees. No Landscape Maintenance Never worry about the bushes on your property, mowing the lawn, shovelling snow or building a fence. The building condo board ensures property maintenance is taken care of. A Real Community A condo provides an opportunity for those that are out-going and get involved to develop lasting friendships within this micro-community. Be a part of the community by getting involved in the condo board or by holding events in the party room on a monthly or weekly basis. A Freer Lifestyle No need for a house sitter in order to jet off on a last minute vacation. Simply walk out your front door and your home will be the same when you return as when you left it. Shared Maintenance Costs Never worry about roofing costs, window replacements or pavement repair again. As part of the condo board you can help ensure that maintenance fees are spent wisely and effectively. You will never have to contract the work yourself. Investment Opportunity With the rise in Canadian home prices across the country, whether you buy a unit...

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Why Condo Living is Great for Families

We have previously addressed some of the benefits of living in a condo, and the list keeps growing! Another big benefit to condo living is its family-friendly nature. Through all stages of family life, a condo offers a comforting home environment while being optimally placed in an urban center. Rather than migrate to the suburbs with your family, consider purchasing a luxury condo in Appleby Gardens and making it your home! Below are some of the reasons why condos are great family homes: Amenities Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condominium with your family means you have easy access to all the amenities your family could need. In-building amenities such as a party room, you can enjoy hosting a big birthday party conveniently located steps away from your door. Also with a fitness center in the building, a workout is a short walk from your condo saving you valuable time when you are busy raising a family. The convenient urban location of Appleby Gardens Condominiums also means you enjoy restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores within walking distance. You have access to all the supplies you need without the hassle of having to load the family into the car! Community When you live in a condominium, it’s easy to become friends with other families within the same building. Having play dates and babysitters a few doors down makes things a lot easier when raising little ones in a condo. With other families so close by, you can enjoy the sociability of the company of other parents while watching your kids play together in the nearby park. The camaraderie of families living in condos means a friendly neighborhood environment with mutual benefits like shared babysitting duties. Accessibility With access to public transit at your doorstep, commuting couldn’t be easier. For parents who work in the city, you are just a short train or bus ride away from home. Rather than a commuting into the city from the suburbs, your condo is ideally located within the city, making it easier for you to access whenever needed. This is great for family life because you will have more time to spend with your...

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Interior Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo has many benefits such as access to great amenities and public transportation, low maintenance level and costs, green space access, and much more. Another great aspect of condo ownership is the high level of customization you can bring to your home’s interior design. Designing your condo’s interior is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and add your own flair through your design choices. From paint colour to furniture choices, making your condo fit your style is all about how you want to present your space to your guests. Here are a few decorating tips to give you inspiration for your condo interior design:     A well-placed mirror can make a big difference in a room! When you place a mirror opposite a window, the natural light from the window is reflected throughout the room. This brightens any space and makes it feel more open and airy. The bigger the mirror, the more light that is reflected!     Incorporating metallic or shiny fixtures and décor items, like a metallic lampshade, can also help reflect and disperse light in a room, creating that natural brightness. It’s also a way to incorporate a bold piece into your décor!     Floating shelving is a great way to provide storage, without the bulkiness of a bookcase or shelving unit. Install floating shelves right onto the wall for a modern sleek storage option.     Making your curtains the same colour as the walls creates an unbroken flow to the room and makes the room feel larger.     Decorative pieces that can be used for dual purposes are excellent for condo living because it saves space. A stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage chest is an example of a double-duty piece! There are many ways to decorate your condo space, even incorporating lovely planters to add a touch of green freshness to a room. At Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences, your condo is your oasis. Our open floor plans and modern fixtures offer a wonderful canvas for you to add your own interior design flair. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, or to start planning your future in...

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Condo Owners

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes bright sunlight and open windows. This is also an ideal time to start spring cleaning your condo. In order to take full advantage of the wonderful weather, here are some tips you can use to minimize the time you spend cleaning your condo, and maximize the enjoyment you get out of living in Appleby Gardens. Have The Right Supplies Before you start cleaning, take a look at what cleaning products and items you have, and buy what’s missing. When it comes to cleaning products, be sure you buy the most effective ones. This allows the product to do most of the work, not you, and will save you a lot of time. Work Room By Room Trying to clean your entire condo can feel overwhelming, and can actually slow you down. A better way to approach this, and to feel accomplished as you clean, is to work room by room. To refine this even further, start in one corner and work your way out. The noticeable difference will be encouraging, and can help motivate you to work faster. De-Clutter Before you start to clean, go around your home and tidy up any clutter. Most of us accumulate a lot of things throughout our lives, and experts estimate that only twenty percent of those items are actually important. Go through your home and throw out, shred, or recycle any clutter. This will go a long way to making your home look tidy even before you clean Clean Smarter, Not Harder Using cleaning supplies that are efficient and effective will help reduce the amount of scrubbing you do. Letting the products sit and soak in before wiping them off will ensure that the products are doing their job, and that you don’t need to work up a sweat while cleaning your condo. Other things, like letting the dishes soak and using self-cleaning settings where possible will also save you time, and energy. Don’t Ignore Hidden Areas Things like window coverings, exhaust fans, refrigerator coils, and the area behind the oven tend to get overlooked, even when condo owners do a big clean. Don’t...

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Green Thumbs Up- Tips for Condo Gardening

Living in a luxury condo has a plethora of benefits, one of which being your ability to customize your space to fit your taste and lifestyle. You can choose a décor theme, and furnish your condo however your heart desires! Another way to customize your home is to add a bit of green, and get gardening. Though you may not have a typical yard space for a garden, there are many ways you can tastefully incorporate plants into your condo. Planters Plants can add a splash of colour to any room, and provide a taste of the outdoors in between trips to the nearby park. A potted plant can be placed in any living space, and range from large leafy spreads to small succulent terrariums. Depending on your preference, you can customize an indoor planter however you like, from the plant type you choose to the amount of maintenance they require. Succulents and cacti tend to be favourite indoor plants due to their low maintenance and array of beautiful colours. Window boxes Another style of indoor garden is the indoor window box, a small rectangular glass box that fits on any windowsill. This is a great option for indoor gardening because your plants will have access to all the light they need! A great idea for the indoor window box is placing it in a kitchen window and planting fresh herbs in it. You will have all of your favourite fresh herbs at your fingertips, and can brag to your friends that you’ve grown them yourself! Balcony garden Placing your favourite plants in a balcony garden creates your very own outdoor oasis. Placing a few planter boxes on your balcony gives you the garden you desire-no need for a yard! You can plant your own veggies and herbs, or your favourite blooming flowers to bring a lively freshness to your balcony. In a small space like a balcony, less is more- it’s best to have a few well-tended plants than an overgrown jungle! These are just a few ways you can bring the outdoors in, and liven up your living space with some greenery. Your condo is your home,...

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