Choose An Appleby Gardens Condo For Your First Home

Buying your first home can be an incredibly exciting time, but can become overwhelming. One major decision is the type of home to purchase. There are a number of options available, and determining which one is right for your lifestyle can be tricky. For many first time buyers, opting to buy a condo over a house can be the best way to go, as it offers many of the same perks as owning a house, with fewer drawbacks and financial risks.   Condos Often Have Better Value When looking at your first home, you may not be overly interested in the size of the surrounding property itself, preferring to focus on the number of rooms and size of the living space. In many cases, condos will offer you more for less, when compared to a house, in terms of the number of rooms and the size of the living space. In addition, condos often offer amenities that would be out of reach for the average first time home buyer in terms of cost. Access to special features like a pool, tennis court, and exercise room are often all included in your condo fees, helping to make your investment into your first home stretch even further.   Lower Maintenance Condo owners don’t need to worry about cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, or taking care of the exterior of the property. For many first time buyers this is an incredibly big perk of condo ownership. This frees up more of your time to focus on things that are important in your life, or just to relax after a hard day’s work, without the need to worry about landscaping or raking up the leaves in the fall. For a person with a busy life and packed schedule, condo ownership can offer the perks of owning a home without any of the time-sucking drawbacks.   Convenient Locations Condos are often located in areas that are prime locations; areas where purchasing a home could be significantly more expensive or less practical. Appleby Gardens Condominium, for example, offer easy access to shopping and culture without the need to hop in the car and drive...

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Appleby Gardens Residences Announces: Spring Into Your New Condo, Inventory Closing Sale

    Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is happy to announce a one-time only Inventory Closing Sale to take place Saturday, June 4th 2016 at the Appleby Sales Office. Doors for the event open at 11am to 6pm and sales will be on a first come first serve basis. With only a few units left, and building completion just around the corner, this is your chance to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.   The Spring Into Your New Condo Event will offer, never before released incentives on a select few units in Appleby Gardens. This offer is only available for one day only, in order to close out the remaining few units for sale, as the building nears completion.   The incentives for the event include an amazing half-year of maintenance fees free, a $500 gas gift card, design upgrades already included in the purchase price and a free parking space; all included for one day only. With suites starting from $314,500 this deal will not last long.   There is a very limited supply of 1 and 2 bedroom units as well as a premium penthouse available for the event. It is suggested to show up early to ensure the unit size of your choice.     Convenient Location   Appleby Gardens is located at 5001 Corporate Dr., just across the street from the Uptown Center. Appleby Gardens represents local living at its finest. Within walking distance to medical offices, restaurants and shopping, you can retire in style and enjoy an urban lifestyle. Being conveniently located in the heart of Burlington provides a great commuter location for the QEW and 401 highways as well as the GO Station nearby.   The suites of Appleby offer some amazing standard features for a condominium project, including 9 foot unit ceilings(except second floor units), 10 foot penthouse ceilings, granite and marble countertops, engineered hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, fitness , WiFi enabled lobby, high-speed elevators and an eye-catching bespoke design that offers a quality building design. A separate party room for entertaining provides a luxurious space with bathrooms, kitchen appliances and seating for a great get together for friends...

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5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Move into Appleby Gardens

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is set to unveil the finished condo structure in June 2016. With move-in dates looming ever closer on the horizon, you may be panicked in having to move in. You may have thought that moving into your new home would be easy, but all of a sudden you are behind on packing and are not sure how you will get everything accomplished on time. Hiring a pro, although a little more expensive, saves you the headache and stress of doing it all yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you might prefer to leave it to the pros. Efficient Pro Packing One way the pros are better, is being able to pack up your home in a consistent and efficient manner. Professional packers know exactly how to pack all manner of items, ensuring efficient use of boxes. Most often pro-packers will actually use less boxes lowering material costs and allowing smaller trucks for moving. Condo Moving Experts Moving into a condo is not the same as moving from house to house. You will need to contact the on-site Appleby Gardens staff for a move-in appointment, book the elevators and ensure you do not damage the building on move-in. With professional movers, you simply leave it all up to them. They are responsible for the move-in process and any damages they may cause. Safe, Secure & Insured During the moving process you may damage your belongings because, simply put, you are not used to moving large objects, odd-sized objects or they are improperly packaged and stored in the truck. Professionals understand how to pack and secure items in a moving truck to avoid costly damages to furniture and precious treasures. Proper moving companies will also be insured against breakage and loss during the move. The Right Equipment Have you ever tried to move a sofa or large dresser without the proper equipment? Without the right moving equipment there is a great degree of damage that your items and surrounding walls will be damaged. Let the pros move you with the right equipment. Save Time Pull up a chair, direct the move like...

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10 Reasons Why Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is the Condo for You

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is a luxury residence that is set for completion in June of 2016. With just a few weeks and just a couple units left in the unit, here is a great list why you might want to snap up a unit. Bespoke Style LJM is known as a boutique builder that not only cares about the style and layout of every single unit, but also ensures that the outside of the building is an architectural work of art that will have value for decades. The View Buying a unit on floors five through seven provide unprecedented views of surrounding Burlington, giving you a view detached home owners would dream of. Underground Parking Heated underground parking means you get up in the morning, walk to your car and drive away. Never having to worry about snow and ice again in Canada is a dream in itself. Reduced Lifestyle Fees With a party room, WiFi lobby, and fitness centre you can enjoy the perks of these lifestyle elements without having to pay extra monthly fees. No Landscape Maintenance Never worry about the bushes on your property, mowing the lawn, shovelling snow or building a fence. The building condo board ensures property maintenance is taken care of. A Real Community A condo provides an opportunity for those that are out-going and get involved to develop lasting friendships within this micro-community. Be a part of the community by getting involved in the condo board or by holding events in the party room on a monthly or weekly basis. A Freer Lifestyle No need for a house sitter in order to jet off on a last minute vacation. Simply walk out your front door and your home will be the same when you return as when you left it. Shared Maintenance Costs Never worry about roofing costs, window replacements or pavement repair again. As part of the condo board you can help ensure that maintenance fees are spent wisely and effectively. You will never have to contract the work yourself. Investment Opportunity With the rise in Canadian home prices across the country, whether you buy a unit...

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Why Condo Living is Great for Families

We have previously addressed some of the benefits of living in a condo, and the list keeps growing! Another big benefit to condo living is its family-friendly nature. Through all stages of family life, a condo offers a comforting home environment while being optimally placed in an urban center. Rather than migrate to the suburbs with your family, consider purchasing a luxury condo in Appleby Gardens and making it your home! Below are some of the reasons why condos are great family homes: Amenities Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condominium with your family means you have easy access to all the amenities your family could need. In-building amenities such as a party room, you can enjoy hosting a big birthday party conveniently located steps away from your door. Also with a fitness center in the building, a workout is a short walk from your condo saving you valuable time when you are busy raising a family. The convenient urban location of Appleby Gardens Condominiums also means you enjoy restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores within walking distance. You have access to all the supplies you need without the hassle of having to load the family into the car! Community When you live in a condominium, it’s easy to become friends with other families within the same building. Having play dates and babysitters a few doors down makes things a lot easier when raising little ones in a condo. With other families so close by, you can enjoy the sociability of the company of other parents while watching your kids play together in the nearby park. The camaraderie of families living in condos means a friendly neighborhood environment with mutual benefits like shared babysitting duties. Accessibility With access to public transit at your doorstep, commuting couldn’t be easier. For parents who work in the city, you are just a short train or bus ride away from home. Rather than a commuting into the city from the suburbs, your condo is ideally located within the city, making it easier for you to access whenever needed. This is great for family life because you will have more time to spend with your...

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Adding a Splash of Colour

One of the first projects in your new Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments may be to do a little interior decorating. If your new condo is a first-time home you may be looking to purchase new furniture, while if you are down-sizing you may bringing something old, borrowed or blue. However, it’s the walls that this article will truly focus on. Let’s face it, standard builder white, off-white or eggshell paint, will just not do. Of course this leaves you with a great base from which to add a spice of colour and accent to your new home. It’s a Matter of Palate Excuse the pun, but your palette may be wide, open and accepting, or it may be more diminutive, conservative and understated. In either case the palette you choose for the colours of your new home is entirely up to your own tastes. Simply take a look at the Internet and you will find a cornucopia of tastes that all hinge on the tastes of the particular designer behind the writings. You can find those that absolutely say white, grey and light shades in a smaller space will open it up and make it appear light and breezy. Of course, there are those experts in design that eschew anything that comes in stark white. These decorators prefer the panache of flair. So who’s to say, which of the experts is right? Technically you are. In your own home, it will be your choice on how, when and what colours you want to add to your walls. Rules to Play By Of course, any good interior designer will admonish you to follow some sort of theme; both with your furnishings and your colours. Often you decorate to match your personality; this is the only true rule to live by. Are you dark and brooding? Deep colours of blues and greys with a dash of black may provide exactly the feel in your living room, you want to live by. On the other hand, if you have a raucous cacophony of colourful furniture and accents, maybe that white background will be the perfect canvas. Maybe you want...

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