Why Condo Living is Great for Families

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Why Condo Living is Great for Families

We have previously addressed some of the benefits of living in a condo, and the list keeps growing! Another big benefit to condo living is its family-friendly nature. Through all stages of family life, a condo offers a comforting home environment while being optimally placed in an urban center. Rather than migrate to the suburbs with your family, consider purchasing a luxury condo in Appleby Gardens and making it your home! Below are some of the reasons why condos are great family homes:


Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condominium with your family means you have easy access to all the amenities your family could need. In-building amenities such as a party room, you can enjoy hosting a big birthday party conveniently located steps away from your door. Also with a fitness center in the building, a workout is a short walk from your condo saving you valuable time when you are busy raising a family. The convenient urban location of Appleby Gardens Condominiums also means you enjoy restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores within walking distance. You have access to all the supplies you need without the hassle of having to load the family into the car!


When you live in a condominium, it’s easy to become friends with other families within the same building. Having play dates and babysitters a few doors down makes things a lot easier when raising little ones in a condo. With other families so close by, you can enjoy the sociability of the company of other parents while watching your kids play together in the nearby park. The camaraderie of families living in condos means a friendly neighborhood environment with mutual benefits like shared babysitting duties.


With access to public transit at your doorstep, commuting couldn’t be easier. For parents who work in the city, you are just a short train or bus ride away from home. Rather than a commuting into the city from the suburbs, your condo is ideally located within the city, making it easier for you to access whenever needed. This is great for family life because you will have more time to spend with your family as opposed to sitting in traffic after work.

Whether raising a family or looking for the ideal home to start one, condo living is a great option for these reasons and many more! Condo living affords many benefits to residents, and we all want the best for our families. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, look no further than Appleby Gardens Condominiums- book your showing today or call us at 1-877-885-0284.

Adding a Splash of Colour

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Adding a Splash of Colour


One of the first projects in your new Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments may be to do a little interior decorating. If your new condo is a first-time home you may be looking to purchase new furniture, while if you are down-sizing you may bringing something old, borrowed or blue. However, it’s the walls that this article will truly focus on. Let’s face it, standard builder white, off-white or eggshell paint, will just not do. Of course this leaves you with a great base from which to add a spice of colour and accent to your new home.

It’s a Matter of Palate

Excuse the pun, but your palette may be wide, open and accepting, or it may be more diminutive, conservative and understated. In either case the palette you choose for the colours of your new home is entirely up to your own tastes.

Simply take a look at the Internet and you will find a cornucopia of tastes that all hinge on the tastes of the particular designer behind the writings. You can find those that absolutely say white, grey and light shades in a smaller space will open it up and make it appear light and breezy.

Of course, there are those experts in design that eschew anything that comes in stark white. These decorators prefer the panache of flair. So who’s to say, which of the experts is right? Technically you are. In your own home, it will be your choice on how, when and what colours you want to add to your walls.

Rules to Play By

Of course, any good interior designer will admonish you to follow some sort of theme; both with your furnishings and your colours. Often you decorate to match your personality; this is the only true rule to live by.

Are you dark and brooding? Deep colours of blues and greys with a dash of black may provide exactly the feel in your living room, you want to live by. On the other hand, if you have a raucous cacophony of colourful furniture and accents, maybe that white background will be the perfect canvas.

Maybe you want to make a bold first impression. With bold and bright colours, your guests will not be commenting on the space, but rather your whimsical and bold use of colours. Contrast your wall paint with accents that make a bold statement. Take that sunset yellow throw-pillow and add it your black leather sofa, set against the deepening red-sky painted walls. Dramatic effect, yes!

In the end, it is your new luxurious boutique condo; make it live up to the hallmarks of the LJM bespoke brand with colourful and playful, dark and brooding or eclectic palettes that match your outlook on life.

Interior Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

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Interior Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo has many benefits such as access to great amenities and public transportation, low maintenance level and costs, green space access, and much more. Another great aspect of condo ownership is the high level of customization you can bring to your home’s interior design. Designing your condo’s interior is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and add your own flair through your design choices. From paint colour to furniture choices, making your condo fit your style is all about how you want to present your space to your guests. Here are a few decorating tips to give you inspiration for your condo interior design:

  1.     A well-placed mirror can make a big difference in a room! When you place a mirror opposite a window, the natural light from the window is reflected throughout the room. This brightens any space and makes it feel more open and airy. The bigger the mirror, the more light that is reflected!
  2.     Incorporating metallic or shiny fixtures and décor items, like a metallic lampshade, can also help reflect and disperse light in a room, creating that natural brightness. It’s also a way to incorporate a bold piece into your décor!
  3.     Floating shelving is a great way to provide storage, without the bulkiness of a bookcase or shelving unit. Install floating shelves right onto the wall for a modern sleek storage option.
  4.     Making your curtains the same colour as the walls creates an unbroken flow to the room and makes the room feel larger.
  5.     Decorative pieces that can be used for dual purposes are excellent for condo living because it saves space. A stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage chest is an example of a double-duty piece!

There are many ways to decorate your condo space, even incorporating lovely planters to add a touch of green freshness to a room. At Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences, your condo is your oasis. Our open floor plans and modern fixtures offer a wonderful canvas for you to add your own interior design flair. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, or to start planning your future in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo, book your showing today. You can also contact our friendly sales team at 1-877-885-0284.

How to Deal with Noise Issues for Condo Living

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How to Deal with Noise Issues for Condo Living


Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is built with quality sound-proofing techniques including high quality cement platforms between levels and sound-deadening materials between units. However, condo living does have one aspect that single-detached homes do not; immediate neighbours. Understanding how to deal with noise issues is easy when you have a proper understanding of laws and obligations as owners.

Noise of Common Elements

Often noises could be a result of mechanical equipment in your own unit, such as the furnace, water heater or other appliances. Noise could be generated by elevators or other common elements of the structure as well including the party room, exercise rooms rather than your neighbours. With common element noises your approach will be different.

First you will want to pinpoint the source or area of the noise before contacting the Condo board or on-site staff. If the noise is from within your own condo, you could simply have a noisy appliance that needs repair. If it is a common element outside your unit, you will want to make notes about where it is coming from and at what time in order to give the building staff accurate information. Informing the building manager, followed by a written letter logging your complaint, then a letter to the board of directors of the condo board would be the proper order to follow up on a noise issue.

Neighbourly Noise

Living in a structure with upwards of a 100 units provides great benefits and few negative aspects. However, with close-proximity neighbours there can be noise complaints.

The first thing to do is to reflect on the noise from your neighbour. Most laws, including the Ontario Condominium Act allow for noise levels that are objectively reasonable to the average person. This grey area is where most noise complaints can get into murky waters. However, there is a process in order to ensure all parties are able to enjoy their home to the best of their ability.

If regular loud noise is endured, you can inform the building management about the noise in a verbal complaint. Approaching your neighbour in a polite manner may also get results and give you a better understanding of the noise.

Complaint Resolution

If the complaint is brought to the building management’s attention they have a duty to investigate and mediate between the two parties. The accuser will need to provide details on the noise including level, description and timing. The defendant would also need to provide some sort of proof to state that the noise was not being made.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within the condo association, the Ontario Condominium Act does require official mediation and possible binding arbitration between the parties.

LJM Developments takes great pride in building structures that provide a level of noise-proofing that meets industry standards and in most cases exceed these standards. Although noise should not be an issue, living in a condo structure with neighbours does provide such opportunities for noise. Follow the proper procedures and be rest assured that all parties have a right to use their home in a manner they want as long as it does not affect the quality of another home owner’s lifestyle.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Condo Owners

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Condo Owners

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes bright sunlight and open windows. This is also an ideal time to start spring cleaning your condo. In order to take full advantage of the wonderful weather, here are some tips you can use to minimize the time you spend cleaning your condo, and maximize the enjoyment you get out of living in Appleby Gardens.

Have The Right Supplies

Before you start cleaning, take a look at what cleaning products and items you have, and buy what’s missing. When it comes to cleaning products, be sure you buy the most effective ones. This allows the product to do most of the work, not you, and will save you a lot of time.

Work Room By Room

Trying to clean your entire condo can feel overwhelming, and can actually slow you down. A better way to approach this, and to feel accomplished as you clean, is to work room by room. To refine this even further, start in one corner and work your way out. The noticeable difference will be encouraging, and can help motivate you to work faster.


Before you start to clean, go around your home and tidy up any clutter. Most of us accumulate a lot of things throughout our lives, and experts estimate that only twenty percent of those items are actually important. Go through your home and throw out, shred, or recycle any clutter. This will go a long way to making your home look tidy even before you clean

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Using cleaning supplies that are efficient and effective will help reduce the amount of scrubbing you do. Letting the products sit and soak in before wiping them off will ensure that the products are doing their job, and that you don’t need to work up a sweat while cleaning your condo. Other things, like letting the dishes soak and using self-cleaning settings where possible will also save you time, and energy.

Don’t Ignore Hidden Areas

Things like window coverings, exhaust fans, refrigerator coils, and the area behind the oven tend to get overlooked, even when condo owners do a big clean. Don’t ignore these areas. When you keep on top of them, they are simple tasks that are easy to complete, but allowing dirt and grime to build up can make them seem monumental later on.

Focus On Visible Areas

One of the biggest benefits of Appleby Gardens is the size of the condos themselves. While condo owners love to have a large living space, it can make spring cleaning seem daunting. When you sit down to plan out your clearing approach, focus on the most visible areas first – such as the living room, home office, and kitchen.

Know Your Limits

Another benefit of condo living, is that you don’t have to worry about the exterior of the building or landscaping, which can cut down dramatically on spring cleaning time. However, many of us have carpets, or other upholstery, that needs to be cleaned. Don’t try to undertake these tasks yourself. Instead, hire a professional who will have the right tools for the job, and can get those items in perfect condition without stress and hassle.

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