3 Reasons to Move into a Condo in Burlington

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pic-7Are you planning on relocating to Burlington?  Burlington is a beautiful and diverse city that is conveniently located between the Niagara Area and Toronto. It is a vibrant city with a prosperous community offering an urban atmosphere mixed with natural landscapes. MoneySense Magazine gave Burlington the number one ranking as Canada’s top midsize city in 2015. When you want to be close to the big city of Toronto, and close to the Niagara region for quick weekend getaways, you’ve found the right place.

Here are 3 more reasons to look at new condominiums for sale in Burlington with Appleby Gardens:

  1. Proximity to Toronto

If you need to commute into Toronto it will only take about an hour to get there. Transit to and from Toronto is a very convenient way to commute. Trains run into Toronto every 15 minutes to 30 minutes during rush hour and once every 30 minutes during off-peak hours.

  1. Burlington’s Downtown Core

Live close to the heart of the city where you’ll find endless recreational opportunities and a long list of amenities. You’ll also be able to enjoy the waterfront, which acts as the centerpiece of Burlington’s downtown core. After a long day at work take a walk along the promenade and then take a moment to enjoy a beautiful view of the lake from the break wall.

  1. The Condo Lifestyle

When you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain lifestyle at a reasonable price, choose a condo. You won’t have to worry about mowing your lawn every Sunday morning or checking for roof leaks every year. Your association fees will cover major renovation expenses on the building. You’ll just need to enjoy your lifestyle while living in a city that is big enough to provide all the amenities you would ever need but small enough to still have an old-world charm to it.

Burlington is quickly becoming a popular destination for condo owners,  and as a result housing is becoming more popular. New condominiums for sale in Burlington are hot on the market, and with Appleby Gardens, you can enjoy a luxury condo lifestyle in beautiful Burlington. To schedule your showing today contact us using our online form, or call us at 1-877-885-0284.

Best of Burlington in 5, from Appleby Gardens

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Best of Burlington in 5, from Appleby Gardens


You may be moving into your new luxury residence at Appleby Gardens soon and need some much needed information. Some of the most important is where can you get a coffee at 6am or a pizza at midnight, which veterinarian is open on weekends or which auto mechanic is the most recommended close-by? Here is an article outlining some of the best services and retail outlets within a 5 minute walk, cycle or drive from your new home.

Coffee Houses

  1. Starbucks, 1860 Appleby Line.
    • Open 6am to 9:30pm daily.
    • A two minute walk, one minute cycle, silly by car.
  2. Coffee Culture Café & Eatery, 1960 Appleby Line.
    • Open 6am to 11pm or later every day.
    • A six minute walk, three minute cycle or a couple minutes in the car.
  3. Tim Horton’s, across the street from Coffee Culture.
    • Open 5am to 10pm daily.
  4. McCafe at the nearest McDonald’s, 2040 Appleby Line.
    • Open 5am to midnight every day
    • A ten minute walk, four minute cycle and a five minute drive.

Fast Food

  1. Popeyes Kitchen/Pita Pit/Harvey’s/Subway, 1900 Appleby Line.
    • Popeyes open 11am to 10pm
    • A four minute walk, two minute cycle, one minute drive.
  2. McCafe at the nearest McDonald’s, 2040 Appleby Line.
    1. Open 5am to midnight every day
    2. A four minute cycle and a five minute drive, but a 10 minute walk.

Casual Meals

  1. Turtle Jack’s, 1900 Appleby Line.
    • Open 10/11am to 12/1am.
    • Three minute walk/cycle, only a one minute drive.
  2. Applestone Pizzeria, beside Turtle Jack’s.
    • Open 11am to 9/10pm.
  3. Eclipse Asian Buffet, 1940 Appleby Line.
    • Open 11am to 10pm daily
    • Three minute cycle, two minute drive, seven minute walk.

Classy Dining

  1. Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar, 1860 Appleby Line.
    • Open 11am to 11/1pm/am.
    • A two minute walk/cycle, and one minute by car.
  2. MAX Resto Lounge, 2180 Itabashi Way
    • Open 12pm to 9-11pm.
    • A three minute drive.
  3. Sushi Masayuki, 2180 Itabashi Way
    • Open for lunch and dinner, closed Mondays.
    • A three minute drive.

Dental Health

  1. Uptown Dental Burlington, 1900 Appleby Line
    • Open 9am-7pm, 11am-7pm and 9am-2pm on different days.
    • A three minute walk, two by bicycle, one by car.
  2. Appleby Dental Professionals, 4300 Upper Middle rd
    • Open various: 7am-8pm, 7am-5pm, 8am-2pm
    • Four minutes by car.
  3. Desired Smiles, 2180 Itabashi Way
    • Open 8am to 5pm, closed weekends
    • A four minute drive.


  1. Halton Family Health Centers. 2951 Walkers Line
    • 7:30am-9pm M-F, 9am-9pm S-S
    • A seven minute drive.


  1. Appleby Total Health/RMT, 1940 Irontstone Dr.
    • 9am-12pm/2pm-8pm M-T, until 6pm Friday and 9am-3pm Saturday.
    • Four minute walk, one minute cycle, one minute drive.
  2. Back on Track Chiropractic, 2180 Itabashi Way
    • 8am-7pm M-F, 9am-12pm Saturday.
    • Four minute drive, six minute cycle.

Auto Mechanics

  1. Burlington Auto Works, 4401 Corporate Dr.
    • 8am-5pm M-F, closed weekends.
    • Two minute drive.
  2. Burlington Eastside Automotive, Morris Dr.
    • Hours not posted, but positively reviewed.
    • Seven minute drive from Appleby Gardens.

As the most used services near you, almost every business is within a five minute walk, cycle or drive from Appleby Gardens. When you live in a walkable community, it’s easy to become a ‘regular’.

Appleby Gardens Condominiums – The Benefits of a Condo Lifestyle

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Appleby Gardens Condominiums – The Benefits of a Condo Lifestyle

Whether you’re making the move into home ownership for the first time or are downsizing for convenience purposes, Appleby Gardens Condominiums offer the perfect condominium lifestyle. Condos are buzzing right now and Burlington is a fantastic location that brings you close to the big city of Toronto while allowing you to live in a quieter and more serene setting.

Forget the Yard Work

You won’t have to bring along any type of yard tools when you live in a condo. When it snows in the winter any shoveling of the paths, the driveway and the parking lot will all be handled for you. During the warmer months you won’t have to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, add any fertilizer or clear any gutters. More time equals more freedom and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you live in a condo.

Save Money

When you own your own home you always have to have some extra money put away for the what-if scenarios. What if your roof starts to leak? What if the furnace breaks down? What if the basement gets flooded? You can put all these questions aside when you live in a condo because all of the major repairs are going to be handled.

It’s the law that a portion of your condo fees will be into a special reserve fund that is used for major repairs and renovations. All you have to do is pay your condo fees monthly. This is a set-and-forget type of situation where you’ll be in greater control of your money because you’ll know exactly what your monthly budget will be. You won’t have to worry, since it will be built into your monthly fees.

Feel Safer When You Live in a Condo

Condos provide better security features so that you can go to bed at night feeling safe. It’s difficult for strangers to enter a condo building with secured entry, and more neighbours means  there is more of a neighbourhood watch over the building. The level of security is higher in this type of environment because of the security feature put in place, such as cameras and secured entry.

Appleby Gardens Condominiums offer these benefits and so much more. The building features a concierge lobby, a party room, underground parking and a fitness center. It’s located in the beautiful city of Burlington, which was named Canada’s 4th best city to live in by MoneySense Magazine. Contact us to find new condominiums for sale in Burlington today! Call 1-877-885-0284 to find out why the Appleby Gardens condominium lifestyle may be perfect for you in this amazing city.

The Modern Condo is Coming Soon

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The Modern Condo is Coming Soon

New Condominiums for Sale in Burlington

Today’s technology is changing the way we live at home. There are many families plugged in online: watching television programming, using skype to call family and friends or handling their bills. With these new high tech lifestyles and growing mechanical developments, architects and condo developers are making technology a foundation in their building strategies.


Purchasing is always a big decision for anyone. You can expect to have long discussions about modern amenities and financing to take place. Sometimes people move from one location to another very distant location. To make it easier on new buyers, Ontario’s Electronic Commerce Act has made it possible to buy residences remotely. For example if you live in a house in Ottawa and are planning to buy a new condominium for sale in Burlington.


Your phone or tablet can now act as a key to your home. At some buildings residences can now book their elevators, party rooms, or guest rooms online. Your device can also control the heat, air conditioning, television and security systems within your suite. Anything you need can seemingly be accomplished from anywhere with these advanced technologies and apps. Some condo companies are even setting up free internet throughout the entire building that are included in your maintenance fees.


Underground parking lots are now being designed with electric cars in mind. There are a few companies looking to put charging stations within condominium parking lots. The changing infrastructure of homes and real estate business is a sign of the changing technological landscape.


Appleby Gardens Condominiums offer new condominiums for sale in Burlington, Ontario. Their new developments are contemporary, modern and provide luxurious amenities. If you would like to learn more about their new condos that have modern amenities while bringing elegance and sophistication to its residents please contact 1 (877) 885-0284 or click here to schedule a showing.

10 Reasons Not to Live in Toronto

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10 Reasons Not to Live in Toronto


If you live in Toronto, you may think your city is the Centre of the Universe. Hogtown, as it’s affectionately called is home to millions and truly is a great Canadian city. Yet, with the massive increase in home and condo prices in the city, many people are simply priced out of the market. With home values over $1 million purchase price and condos approaching $500,000, many would-be first-time home-buyers have to resort to outrageous debt or scrimping lifestyles just to own a home. Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences in Burlington, Ontario want to give you 10 reasons why not to live in Toronto, on top of the exorbitant cost of living.

Higher Debt-Load

Of course if you want a 25 year mortgage with a big bank, maxed out credit lines and loans from friends and family in order to get your down payment, Toronto may be a great option.

Terrible Congestion

If you never want to actually drive anywhere again, move to T-dot! It’s not called the Don Valley Parking Lot colloquially for nothing. With constant pressure to do something with the ghastly Gardiner Expressway, there may be even worst congestion to come.

Outrageous Cost of Living

Forget the cost of home ownership, what about the absolutely insane prices for actually going to almost any large sporting event in Toronto, from the Maple Leafs to a concert at the ACC. The only exception may be an FCC or a Blue Jays game if those are your sports.

Poorer Air Quality

Although Canada overall has great air quality, Toronto is in the top 15 cities for worst air quality in the country. With congestion on the rise in the city and no real large-scale transportation solutions on the horizon, it is bound to get worst.

Higher Crime

Canadians like to think of their country as safe, especially in comparison to other western nations, especially our southern neighbour. While this is true, Toronto’s violent crime and homicide rate is still higher than most moderate sized cities in the country with a few exceptions. Burlington has a much lower homicide and crime rate than that of Toronto.

Harder to Raise a Family

Of course living in large urban centres is becoming a norm in the world, but if you had a choice between the highly dense areas of Toronto or Burlington, ranked the 2nd best city in which to raise a family, the option is clear.

Farther from Nature

Do you like to ski, cycle through natural areas, canoe, kayak or generally spend time away from the busy city? Getting out of Toronto for a weekend in the summer can be like trying to escape prison; it requires planning and a lot of patience. Living in Burlington provides access to natural settings within 10 minutes with the Bronte Provincial Park.

Less Free-Time

Living in Toronto means you will have less time for virtually every other aspect in your life besides work. All the time spent travelling will ensure that you have less time for hobbies, family activities and more. At least if you only have to commute to Toronto for work, once you get home to Burlington, you could be at your children’s activities in minutes.

Live to Work

Instead of working to live, most Torontonians are career-obsessed as a matter of necessity. There is a difference between being passionate about your career and being forced into working a 100 hour work-week because of the big-city pressure to succeed. This pressure is two-fold from needing higher incomes to pay for the cost of living and a societal pressure to succeed. Toronto has higher average work hours per week than New York, Beijing, Los Angeles, Sydney, Dublin, Berlin, and London.

Bad Market Timing

Will this constant rise in home prices last forever? Most experts agree that Toronto is in a housing bubble and that it will self-correct at some point to some degree. Would you rather buy at the top of the price bubble or buy in a community such as Burlington that is seeing reasonable home price increases without the fear of a price bubble.

Consider Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence in Burlington as a real difference to big-city life. Burlington is one of the best cities to live, work and raise a family in Canada.

Food Delights near Appleby Gardens

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Food Delights near Appleby Gardens


Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is almost finished and you are about to move into your new luxury residence. Whether you are new to Burlington or are moving from a different neighbourhood, it can sometimes take a while to get acquainted with your new digs. Let this article guide you to the nearest restaurants, hangouts and all-around best food choices near your new home.

Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar, 3 mins

From your new home at the corner of Corporate Dr. and Appleby Line, Fraticelli’s is a mere 3 minutes’ walk. The restaurant has two awards, OpenTable’s Diners’ Choice and TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. Whether you are looking for authentic Italian fare or a relaxing cocktail at the bar, Fraticelli’s serves up fine dining in a chic atmosphere. Walk northwest on Appleby Line to where it fronts the street a mere 200 metres away.

Starbucks, 3.5 mins

A few feet from Fraticelli’s in the same plaza is Starbucks. A classic hangout place for enjoying a great cup of coffee or enjoying free WiFi, this mainstay in most people’s diet is only about 4 minutes away. If you prefer the Canadian staple, Tim Horton’s for your morning cup of Joe, continue on Appleby Line 300 metres more on the same side of the street of your new home, just 6 minutes away by your own two feet.

Mucho Burrito, 6 mins

Looking for a quick and satisfying meal on the run? Mucho Burrito is the same distance as Tim Horton’s on the same side as Fraticelli’s, but in the next plaza north on Appleby Line. A fresh Mexican grill, this is not your average fast food. Fresh, made-to-order with no preservatives, fat substitutes or MSG, Mucho Burrito provides simple Mexican foods, fast and fresh.

Sushi Masayuki, 18 mins

Looking for one of the best sushi places in the GTA? Sushi Masayuki has a perfect 5 Star rating on Yelp and provides patrons with one of the best fresh fish tasting menus backed by a beautiful interior. Drop in for lunch on weekdays only between noon and 2pm or for dinner any day after 5:30pm; closed Mondays. A 6 minute bike ride or an 18 minute walk provides a healthy way to enjoy a healthy meal; located just 1.5 kms from Appleby Gardens. Northwest on Appleby Line, left on Upper Middle Rd and left again Itabashi Way with the restaurant on the left.

Daytime Grill, 3.5 mins

Need a great breakfast place that’s close to home? Next to Starbucks this great breakfast diner serves up classic breakfast fare every day, all day from 6:30am to 3:30pm. The classic egg, protein, toast and homefries early bird breakfast under $6 is the real winner.

Anchor Bar, 8 mins

Need a local watering hole? The Anchor Bar hails from Buffalo, NY with owners claiming rights to the Original Buffalo Wing recipe. A new outdoor patio and a spacious interior with plenty of televisions and large bar offer nightly sports entertainment to help you unwind from the office. With only 600 metres to get home, never worry about flagging a taxi late at night again to get home.

Although these may be the closest favourites, there are plenty of other restaurants, cafes, bakeries, fast food joints, buffets, sandwich shops and more, literally around the corner from your new home.  Take our advice and visit these iconic locations on your next stroll.

Choose An Appleby Gardens Condo For Your First Home

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Choose An Appleby Gardens Condo For Your First Home

Buying your first home can be an incredibly exciting time, but can become overwhelming. One major decision is the type of home to purchase. There are a number of options available, and determining which one is right for your lifestyle can be tricky. For many first time buyers, opting to buy a condo over a house can be the best way to go, as it offers many of the same perks as owning a house, with fewer drawbacks and financial risks.


Condos Often Have Better Value

When looking at your first home, you may not be overly interested in the size of the surrounding property itself, preferring to focus on the number of rooms and size of the living space. In many cases, condos will offer you more for less, when compared to a house, in terms of the number of rooms and the size of the living space. In addition, condos often offer amenities that would be out of reach for the average first time home buyer in terms of cost. Access to special features like a pool, tennis court, and exercise room are often all included in your condo fees, helping to make your investment into your first home stretch even further.


Lower Maintenance

Condo owners don’t need to worry about cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, or taking care of the exterior of the property. For many first time buyers this is an incredibly big perk of condo ownership. This frees up more of your time to focus on things that are important in your life, or just to relax after a hard day’s work, without the need to worry about landscaping or raking up the leaves in the fall. For a person with a busy life and packed schedule, condo ownership can offer the perks of owning a home without any of the time-sucking drawbacks.


Convenient Locations

Condos are often located in areas that are prime locations; areas where purchasing a home could be significantly more expensive or less practical. Appleby Gardens Condominium, for example, offer easy access to shopping and culture without the need to hop in the car and drive down from the suburbs. It can also work out to be cheaper in the long run, saving yourself the cost of gas, parking, and wear and tear on your vehicle each time you want go shopping, meet your friends, or head out for dinner. Young professionals in particular can get a lot of value out of owning a condo located in these areas, as they can easily get to and from work, and can head out for a night on the town without needing to plan their ride or transportation far in advance.


Condos Are A Good Investment

Condos are a great investment into your future,  the same way a house is. You can build equity in your condo, just as you would a house, and you can buy knowing that the market for a good condo is only improving. In addition to being able to sell when the time comes, you can also consider subletting or renting the condo out.


Contact Us

For new condominiums for sale in Burlington, or to  learn more about how a luxury Appleby Gardens Condominium is your ideal first home, contact us online or by calling 1-877-885-0284.

Appleby Gardens Residences Announces: Spring Into Your New Condo, Inventory Closing Sale

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Appleby Gardens Residences Announces:  Spring Into Your New Condo, Inventory Closing Sale




Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is happy to announce a one-time only Inventory Closing Sale to take place Saturday, June 4th 2016 at the Appleby Sales Office. Doors for the event open at 11am to 6pm and sales will be on a first come first serve basis. With only a few units left, and building completion just around the corner, this is your chance to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The Spring Into Your New Condo Event will offer, never before released incentives on a select few units in Appleby Gardens. This offer is only available for one day only, in order to close out the remaining few units for sale, as the building nears completion.


The incentives for the event include an amazing half-year of maintenance fees free, a $500 gas gift card, design upgrades already included in the purchase price and a free parking space; all included for one day only. With suites starting from $314,500 this deal will not last long.


There is a very limited supply of 1 and 2 bedroom units as well as a premium penthouse available for the event. It is suggested to show up early to ensure the unit size of your choice.



Convenient Location


Appleby Gardens is located at 5001 Corporate Dr., just across the street from the Uptown Center. Appleby Gardens represents local living at its finest. Within walking distance to medical offices, restaurants and shopping, you can retire in style and enjoy an urban lifestyle. Being conveniently located in the heart of Burlington provides a great commuter location for the QEW and 401 highways as well as the GO Station nearby.


The suites of Appleby offer some amazing standard features for a condominium project, including 9 foot unit ceilings(except second floor units), 10 foot penthouse ceilings, granite and marble countertops, engineered hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, fitness , WiFi enabled lobby, high-speed elevators and an eye-catching bespoke design that offers a quality building design. A separate party room for entertaining provides a luxurious space with bathrooms, kitchen appliances and seating for a great get together for friends and family.


As an eco-friendly builder, LJM helps ensure your unit is environmentally friendly and allows you to do your part. With individual hydro metering and individual unit controls, low flow faucets, on-site recycling and bicycle parking’ you can help fight climate change.



Register Today


Named as one of the best mid-sized cities in Canada in which to live, Burlington offers a great community. With cultural institutions such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery of Burlington and the Joseph Brant Museum offer activities for children and adults of all ages. Located on Lake Ontario with some amazing natural attractions, provides an outdoor paradise for naturalists, sail-boat enthusiasts, skiers, and those that enjoy biking or walking the many natural trails in the area.


With other civic institutions close by such as the Appleby Ice Centre, Parkview Children’s Centre, Tansley Woods Community Centre and the Glen Arbour Academy; children and family activities are plentiful and nearby.


Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences’ Spring Into Your New Condo Inventory Closing Sale is the chance for you to become a home owner in a vibrant community with a luxurious lifestyle for retirees, couples and families. Take advantage of this opportunity before it’s gone.


Visit the Appleby Gardens Sales Office at 1860 Appleby Line, Unit 28 on Saturday June 4th from 11am to 6pm, to secure your new home.

5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Move into Appleby Gardens

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5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Move into Appleby Gardens


Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is set to unveil the finished condo structure in June 2016. With move-in dates looming ever closer on the horizon, you may be panicked in having to move in. You may have thought that moving into your new home would be easy, but all of a sudden you are behind on packing and are not sure how you will get everything accomplished on time. Hiring a pro, although a little more expensive, saves you the headache and stress of doing it all yourself. Here are just a few reasons why you might prefer to leave it to the pros.

Efficient Pro Packing

One way the pros are better, is being able to pack up your home in a consistent and efficient manner. Professional packers know exactly how to pack all manner of items, ensuring efficient use of boxes. Most often pro-packers will actually use less boxes lowering material costs and allowing smaller trucks for moving.

Condo Moving Experts

Moving into a condo is not the same as moving from house to house. You will need to contact the on-site Appleby Gardens staff for a move-in appointment, book the elevators and ensure you do not damage the building on move-in. With professional movers, you simply leave it all up to them. They are responsible for the move-in process and any damages they may cause.

Safe, Secure & Insured

During the moving process you may damage your belongings because, simply put, you are not used to moving large objects, odd-sized objects or they are improperly packaged and stored in the truck. Professionals understand how to pack and secure items in a moving truck to avoid costly damages to furniture and precious treasures. Proper moving companies will also be insured against breakage and loss during the move.

The Right Equipment

Have you ever tried to move a sofa or large dresser without the proper equipment? Without the right moving equipment there is a great degree of damage that your items and surrounding walls will be damaged. Let the pros move you with the right equipment.

Save Time

Pull up a chair, direct the move like a Hollywood director, go for lunch and then start enjoying your new Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence without ever having to break a sweat. Allowing the pros to move your items, gives you the ability to save time and get any other pressing moving matters accomplished.

When it comes to moving, there is no better way to actually enjoy the process than to hire a professional and then enjoy the fruits of their labour in your new Appleby Gardens luxury home.


10 Reasons Why Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is the Condo for You

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10 Reasons Why Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is the Condo for You

New condominiums for sale in Burlington

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is a luxury residence that is set for completion in June of 2016. With just a few weeks and just a couple units left in the unit, here is a great list why you might want to snap up a unit.

Bespoke Style

LJM is known as a boutique builder that not only cares about the style and layout of every single unit, but also ensures that the outside of the building is an architectural work of art that will have value for decades.

The View

Buying a unit on floors five through seven provide unprecedented views of surrounding Burlington, giving you a view detached home owners would dream of.

Underground Parking

Heated underground parking means you get up in the morning, walk to your car and drive away. Never having to worry about snow and ice again in Canada is a dream in itself.

Reduced Lifestyle Fees

With a party room, WiFi lobby, and fitness centre you can enjoy the perks of these lifestyle elements without having to pay extra monthly fees.

No Landscape Maintenance

Never worry about the bushes on your property, mowing the lawn, shovelling snow or building a fence. The building condo board ensures property maintenance is taken care of.

A Real Community

A condo provides an opportunity for those that are out-going and get involved to develop lasting friendships within this micro-community. Be a part of the community by getting involved in the condo board or by holding events in the party room on a monthly or weekly basis.

A Freer Lifestyle

No need for a house sitter in order to jet off on a last minute vacation. Simply walk out your front door and your home will be the same when you return as when you left it.

Shared Maintenance Costs

Never worry about roofing costs, window replacements or pavement repair again. As part of the condo board you can help ensure that maintenance fees are spent wisely and effectively. You will never have to contract the work yourself.

Investment Opportunity

With the rise in Canadian home prices across the country, whether you buy a unit solely for investment or hope to get appreciated value, the prospects are excellent considering the current real estate market.

Better Security

Controlled entrances and on-site security and concierge ensure that your home is more protected than a stand-alone home ever could be. With close neighbours you also have an in-built neighbourhood watch program.

Of course all of these reasons do not even address the magnificence that is Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences unit designs. From 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom plus a den to penthouse suites you could have the home of your dream in a perfect location for commuting to Toronto for work with the right layout and amenities that you have always wanted.

Take the time and consider an Appleby Condo today by calling 1-877-8850284 or emailing getin@applebygardens.ca for your free consultation.