Appleby Gardens Residences Announces: Spring Into Your New Condo, Inventory Closing Sale

    Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences is happy to announce a one-time only Inventory Closing Sale to take place Saturday, June 4th 2016 at the Appleby Sales Office. Doors for the event open at 11am to 6pm and sales will be on a first come first serve basis. With only a few units left, and building completion just around the corner, this is your chance to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.   The Spring Into Your New Condo Event will offer, never before released incentives on a select few units in Appleby Gardens. This offer is only available for one day only, in order to close out the remaining few units for sale, as the building nears completion.   The incentives for the event include an amazing half-year of maintenance fees free, a $500 gas gift card, design upgrades already included in the purchase price and a free parking space; all included for one day only. With suites starting from $314,500 this deal will not last long.   There is a very limited supply of 1 and 2 bedroom units as well as a premium penthouse available for the event. It is suggested to show up early to ensure the unit size of your choice.     Convenient Location   Appleby Gardens is located at 5001 Corporate Dr., just across the street from the Uptown Center. Appleby Gardens represents local living at its finest. Within walking distance to medical offices, restaurants and shopping, you can retire in style and enjoy an urban lifestyle. Being conveniently located in the heart of Burlington provides a great commuter location for the QEW and 401 highways as well as the GO Station nearby.   The suites of Appleby offer some amazing standard features for a condominium project, including 9 foot unit ceilings(except second floor units), 10 foot penthouse ceilings, granite and marble countertops, engineered hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, fitness , WiFi enabled lobby, high-speed elevators and an eye-catching bespoke design that offers a quality building design. A separate party room for entertaining provides a luxurious space with bathrooms, kitchen appliances and seating for a great get together for friends...

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The Environmental Benefits of Living in a Condo in Burlington

Many people are searching for a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. There are a lot of great environmental benefits when you choose condo living. We have compiled a list of just a few of these benefits to show just how eco-friendly condo living can be! Energy Efficiency In a multi-level detached home, there are many rooms to heat in the winter, and to cool in the summer. With your Appleby Gardens luxury condominium, you have control of your home temperature, and with open floor plans and optimal air flow, heating and cooling is a breeze. With less unused space to heat and cool, and the benefit of shared walls, heating and cooling is much more efficient within the condo building than in a detached home. Accessible neighborhoods Located in the heart of Burlington, Appleby Gardens is a luxury private residence with all the necessities and amenities you need right at your doorstep! Having a local grocery store, pharmacy, fine dining, retail stores, and more within walking distance means you can leave the car parked, reducing pollution. The Appleby Gardens building also contains a fitness center and a party room, meaning you can access great amenities right within your building, cutting down transportation to find them elsewhere. Condo living helps you lead a more active lifestyle with immediate access to green space, and the ability to walk anywhere you need! Green Space Appleby Gardens Condominiums is a 7-storey condo building providing all the luxury of living in a modern upscale home, without the operational and maintenance costs of a detached house. Condo buildings save valuable green space, and provide a solution for urban sprawl. By combining many luxury homes conveniently into one building, more land is available for green space. The energy efficiency and sustainability that condo living provides is what makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Centrally located in a friendly neighborhood with quick access to many transit routes, Appleby Gardens Condominiums makes the perfect home. With all amenities right outside your door, Appleby Gardens Condominiums provide modern comfortable living for those with an urban active lifestyle. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, come and...

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Responsible Pet Ownership At Appleby Gardens Condominium

Appleby Gardens Condominium will welcome your new cat or dog with pleasure, but has policies to ensure that your pet ownership is responsible so it does not affect the pleasure of other owners. Having a pet can be one of the most soul soothing relationships for some, while it can present itself as a nuisance to others. Learning to coexist in the same building requires understanding and responsibility from both pet owners and non-pet owners. The Rules As with most condominiums there are few hard and fast rules. The one most new owners will need to concern themselves with immediately is that new pets are limited to a 40 pound or 18 kilogram maximum for all pets at Appleby Gardens Condominium . This rule is meant to bridge the gap from the amazing benefits of pet ownership and yet create an environment conducive to the enjoyment of the facilities by all condo owners. Other rules regarding pets are generally posted by the municipality. The City of Burlington requires dog licensing of all dogs within the town which differs based on whether the pet is sterile or not. There is also a dangerous dog regulation that states extra care must be taken by pet owners of pets that have bitten or attacked another person or animal without provocation. Another responsible owner rule is one that most are already aware of; stoop and scoop. All animal feces within the City of Burlington and Appleby Gardens Condo areas must be immediately removed by the owner and placed in a bag in a trash receptacle. This of course helps support a clean environment for the enjoyment of all. Condo Pet Ownership Tips If you are excited to move into Appleby Gardens Condo and just as excited to embark on a new pet ownership adventure as well, be sure to follow these tips to keep your pet, you and your neighbours happy. First consider a breed that maxes out at the limit imposed by Appleby Gardens, posted above of 40 lbs. Next consider the activity level of your pet in concert with your own activity level. You would not necessarily want a breed that requires active exercise daily...

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Welcome to Burlington

Home of Appleby Gardens Condominiums Burlington, home to the new and stunning Appleby Gardens Condominiums is a great place to put down roots. This blog will start to explore the more exciting aspects of Appleby Gardens, Condo living and the amenities that Burlington has to offer. Being named the ‘Best Mid-Sized City in Canada‘ in MoneySense’s 2014 National City ranking gives homebuyers cause for celebration and excitement as they search for that perfect home. Short History of Burlington Burlington has a unique place in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe area, being geographically marked as the center of the GHA and yet still part of the GTA. This great city placement means that the beautiful sites of the World recognized natural wonders of the Niagara Escarpment and Falls are quick commutes, while still providing a convenient option for those working in downtown Toronto with GoRail options. Once a pioneer settlement between the great town of York and Hamilton, Burlington was settled for its great farming land and moderate temperatures; it’s once prominent wharf-side docks were replaced with rail for the local farmer’s produce. The farming history of the area is prominent and to this day still dominates the southwest end of the city near the Grindstone watershed. As the first location in Canada to grow peaches it was considered the ‘Garden of Canada’. Moderated Weather The town’s population began to boom after the world wars and continues to outpace the national average on an annual basis. Part of this growth is because of Burlington’s great location for transportation and commuting. Yet it is also for its more moderate weather as its snow and low temperatures are moderated by its closeness to Lake Ontario and the sheltering effect of the Niagara Escarpment to the south of the city. Diversified Economy Situated as it is between the huge economic engine that is Toronto and the large Hamilton metropolitan area, Burlington businesses thrive and benefit from these two large markets. As its economy is very diversified, it allows the city to weather economic downturns better than other economies. This can be seen by its low unemployment, currently at 5.5%, compared...

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Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments

Appleby Gardens in the heart of Burlington provides the bespoke style of living many Canadians long for. From a quality builder, comes a Condo mid-rise that offers amazing boutique luxury, within a natural neighbourhood setting with access to the best transportation network in Canada. If you are looking for a Condominium home from a boutique builder known for chic industry trend-setting designs with an eye on sustainability with affordable pricing in Burlington; there is only one option, Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments. Project Overview The Heart of Burlington Appleby Line in Burlington is a buzzing place that provides the best of both worlds for homeowners. From amazing amenities in the area that provide the best conveniences including on-site retail outlets to those businesses in the vicinity that offer everything you need for quality living. Pair that with natural trails and parks in the area and you have a great neighbourhood to raise a family, retire or live an active individual lifestyle. The eye-catching bespoke architectural design of Appleby Gardens has garnered community acclaim for its natural design integration into the neighbourhood’s idyllic setting. With LJM Developments as the builder behind the project you can be assured of a quality construction project that exceeds current building standards as well as focusing on green initiatives to ensure your new home is sustainable well into the future. With the building location within a short distance to the QEW, 403 and 407 as well as being less than 5 minutes from the Appleby GoRail station, your commute around the GTA will easy and efficient. Buy from a builder that is known for quality; LJM Developments. Quality Designs for Smart Living If you are looking for a Condo that provides that extra flair, styling for actual living and smart designs that ensure a quality lifestyle, then Appleby Gardens is the right choice. There is no cookie-cutter approach with LJM Developments. All projects are independently designed with a varying approach to interior units as well. With some units that have a balcony, choices between bedroom sizes and varying layouts, you can shop for the Condo layout that fits your needs. Take advantage of a quality...

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