Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments is one of the premier luxury residences being built in Burlington. However, as a first time home buyer you may be eschewing Condominiums because of their typical size limitations, yet it may be a matter of simple perspective. Find out how to maximize space, save money and learn how to live in an urban setting, all while avoiding the million dollar price tag of a stand-alone home in the GTA.

 Get Real

One of the first items that any Condominium owner needs to understand is that owning a home has gotten very expensive in Toronto and somewhat by extension in the Greater Toronto Area. Yet, it is still cheaper to own over renting. So if you cannot afford the half million to million dollar price tag of a single family home, you need to accept some of the better alternatives; Condominiums are that great alternative.

Condo ownership comes with its own pros and cons, just as a single home does. One of the largest of course is the price tag of pre-build and new-build pricing over homes. Condos average 50% or less. By buying a new Condo pre-build with a 50% discount over traditional housing, it can offer a ton of benefits like new modifications after possession or into other areas of your life. It is a matter of accepting your situation and making the best of it in a positive way.

Learning to Maximize

Appleby Gardens’ builder LJM Developments has a great track record of ensuring all your Condo space is usable, maximizing the space that you have. One bedroom units have over 600 sq. ft. while two bedroom units approach almost 1000 sq. ft. of space.

By changing your perspective, you can go from referring to your new home as cramped to one that is charming and cozy. What can help a lot with that perception is ensuring you use your space effectively as well. One area that you need to be creative and focused is ensuring that you tackle a great storage plan for your new home. Hire a professional closet organization company to install closet organizers to use every inch.

Next consider using multi-functional furniture that offers storage with its primary function. From ottomans, coffee tables to beds look for options that have hidden storage compartments to provide extra storage. In the end these extra spaces will make a difference.

Open it Up

One of the easiest ways to ensure you enjoy your space is to shop for furniture that also opens up your space. For furniture, make sure to look for furniture that is up off the floor. This visual line of sight gives the illusion of more space. It also provides an added storage spot for under bed or under sofa storage containers.

Secondly, chrome and glass furniture keep clear lines of sight across large spaces for coffee tables and dining tables. This ability to see from one spot to the other without a break also gives an air of added space. Judicious use of reflective mirrors in certain areas also offers an air of added space, but be sure not to use large mirrors across from couches or chairs.

Urban living and Condo living are synonymous and can be a great way to enjoy a life that reduces your footprint while at the same time enjoying more amenities than typically available in a detached home. From our understanding, most homes do not come with on-site concierge services like Appleby Gardens in Burlington.