Moving pic

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments wants to make sure you are fully prepared to move into your new luxury home this coming summer. Of course you need to stay tuned for further updates on progress update, but currently building completion is set for July. However, we wanted to provide you with a great checklist for all the things you need to do before that joyous occasion can take place.

  1. More than 2 months Out

If you own your current home, you will want to cash in on the current spring buying season, especially as it ramps up, right now. If you are downsizing and getting rid of a legacy home, be sure to get the best value by doing small touch ups to your home. Even though it is a hot market around Toronto and the GTA, getting an extra 1-5% can make retirement at Appleby Gardens even better. Hire a professional stager to up the potential even more. Even if you sell your home before possession for Appleby’s is available, simply rent an apartment in the area and start getting to know your new neighbourhood. This way you will be well acquainted before the big move-in day.

  1. More than 2 weeks Out

When you have a scheduled move-in day from Appleby, priorities are:

  • Get boxes and moving supplies and start packing non-essentials.
  • Clear out anything not going to your new home by having a Garage sale or taking the items to a charity drop off location.
  • Arrange for the setup of Cable, Internet or phone at your new Luxury Residence.
  • Set up mail forward with Canada Post.
  • Arrange for your contents/liability insurance to transfer with your Insurer.
  • Complete address change forms for Driver’s license, health card, insurance, employer, doctor, dentist, bank accounts, memberships; list the move-in date
  • Register at a new school if you have children.
  • Get quotes for movers, decide on one and arrange for moving appointment with Appleby Gardens.
  1. Between 7 to 14 days Out

It’s now getting close to crunch time and small things will be forgotten if you do not do them ahead of time.

  • Return borrowed items from friends or neighbours.
  • Retrieve borrowed items from neighbours or friends close to old home.
  • Ensure utilities are connected at your new home in your name.
  • Arrange for disconnection of utilities are your old home.
  • Dispose of items that are not making the move, especially flammable materials.
  1. Between 2 to 7 Days before Move-In

Now it should be just a matter of waiting to move in to your new home at Appleby Gardens. However there are a few last minute things to do.

  • Pack a suitcase for 3-4 days including necessary toiletries. At the very least you can live out of this suitcase for a couple days before and after moving until you are settled.
  • Pack a ‘necessities’ box that you will want to go into your vehicle instead of on the truck. This could include coffee maker, snacks and things you deem critical in those first few hours after you have moved in.
  1. The Day Before & Moving Day

Time to start a great day!

  • Empty refrigerator, clean and defrost.
  • Take down curtains if you are taking them.
  • Pack personal belongings into the suitcase including alarm clock, jewellery, bedding or other last minute items.
  • Put all paperwork necessary for move-out and move-in in an accessible folder, kept with you.
  • Know how to reach Appleby Gardens on-site staff.
  • Confirm delivery address, move-in time and inventory with moving company.
  • Collect all keys and keep them on your person.
  • Conduct a final walk-through of your old home.
  • Conduct an initial walk-through of your new Appleby Gardens home.

Have a plan that is well organized and your moving adventure will remain a great adventure.