One of the first projects in your new Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments may be to do a little interior decorating. If your new condo is a first-time home you may be looking to purchase new furniture, while if you are down-sizing you may bringing something old, borrowed or blue. However, it’s the walls that this article will truly focus on. Let’s face it, standard builder white, off-white or eggshell paint, will just not do. Of course this leaves you with a great base from which to add a spice of colour and accent to your new home.

It’s a Matter of Palate

Excuse the pun, but your palette may be wide, open and accepting, or it may be more diminutive, conservative and understated. In either case the palette you choose for the colours of your new home is entirely up to your own tastes.

Simply take a look at the Internet and you will find a cornucopia of tastes that all hinge on the tastes of the particular designer behind the writings. You can find those that absolutely say white, grey and light shades in a smaller space will open it up and make it appear light and breezy.

Of course, there are those experts in design that eschew anything that comes in stark white. These decorators prefer the panache of flair. So who’s to say, which of the experts is right? Technically you are. In your own home, it will be your choice on how, when and what colours you want to add to your walls.

Rules to Play By

Of course, any good interior designer will admonish you to follow some sort of theme; both with your furnishings and your colours. Often you decorate to match your personality; this is the only true rule to live by.

Are you dark and brooding? Deep colours of blues and greys with a dash of black may provide exactly the feel in your living room, you want to live by. On the other hand, if you have a raucous cacophony of colourful furniture and accents, maybe that white background will be the perfect canvas.

Maybe you want to make a bold first impression. With bold and bright colours, your guests will not be commenting on the space, but rather your whimsical and bold use of colours. Contrast your wall paint with accents that make a bold statement. Take that sunset yellow throw-pillow and add it your black leather sofa, set against the deepening red-sky painted walls. Dramatic effect, yes!

In the end, it is your new luxurious boutique condo; make it live up to the hallmarks of the LJM bespoke brand with colourful and playful, dark and brooding or eclectic palettes that match your outlook on life.