Best of Burlington in 5, from Appleby Gardens

You may be moving into your new luxury residence at Appleby Gardens soon and need some much needed information. Some of the most important is where can you get a coffee at 6am or a pizza at midnight, which veterinarian is open on weekends or which auto mechanic is the most recommended close-by? Here is an article outlining some of the best services and retail outlets within a 5 minute walk, cycle or drive from your new home. Coffee Houses Starbucks, 1860 Appleby Line. Open 6am to 9:30pm daily. A two minute walk, one minute cycle, silly by car. Coffee Culture Café & Eatery, 1960 Appleby Line. Open 6am to 11pm or later every day. A six minute walk, three minute cycle or a couple minutes in the car. Tim Horton’s, across the street from Coffee Culture. Open 5am to 10pm daily. McCafe at the nearest McDonald’s, 2040 Appleby Line. Open 5am to midnight every day A ten minute walk, four minute cycle and a five minute drive. Fast Food Popeyes Kitchen/Pita Pit/Harvey’s/Subway, 1900 Appleby Line. Popeyes open 11am to 10pm A four minute walk, two minute cycle, one minute drive. McCafe at the nearest McDonald’s, 2040 Appleby Line. Open 5am to midnight every day A four minute cycle and a five minute drive, but a 10 minute walk. Casual Meals Turtle Jack’s, 1900 Appleby Line. Open 10/11am to 12/1am. Three minute walk/cycle, only a one minute drive. Applestone Pizzeria, beside Turtle Jack’s. Open 11am to 9/10pm. Eclipse Asian Buffet, 1940 Appleby Line. Open 11am to 10pm daily Three minute cycle, two minute drive, seven minute walk. Classy Dining Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar, 1860 Appleby Line. Open 11am to 11/1pm/am. A two minute walk/cycle, and one minute by car. MAX Resto Lounge, 2180 Itabashi Way Open 12pm to 9-11pm. A three minute drive. Sushi Masayuki, 2180 Itabashi Way Open for lunch and dinner, closed Mondays. A three minute drive. Dental Health Uptown Dental Burlington, 1900 Appleby Line Open 9am-7pm, 11am-7pm and 9am-2pm on different days. A three minute walk, two by bicycle, one by car. Appleby Dental Professionals, 4300 Upper Middle rd Open various: 7am-8pm, 7am-5pm, 8am-2pm Four...

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Appleby Gardens Condominiums – The Benefits of a Condo Lifestyle

Whether you’re making the move into home ownership for the first time or are downsizing for convenience purposes, Appleby Gardens Condominiums offer the perfect condominium lifestyle. Condos are buzzing right now and Burlington is a fantastic location that brings you close to the big city of Toronto while allowing you to live in a quieter and more serene setting. Forget the Yard Work You won’t have to bring along any type of yard tools when you live in a condo. When it snows in the winter any shoveling of the paths, the driveway and the parking lot will all be handled for you. During the warmer months you won’t have to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, add any fertilizer or clear any gutters. More time equals more freedom and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you live in a condo. Save Money When you own your own home you always have to have some extra money put away for the what-if scenarios. What if your roof starts to leak? What if the furnace breaks down? What if the basement gets flooded? You can put all these questions aside when you live in a condo because all of the major repairs are going to be handled. It’s the law that a portion of your condo fees will be into a special reserve fund that is used for major repairs and renovations. All you have to do is pay your condo fees monthly. This is a set-and-forget type of situation where you’ll be in greater control of your money because you’ll know exactly what your monthly budget will be. You won’t have to worry, since it will be built into your monthly fees. Feel Safer When You Live in a Condo Condos provide better security features so that you can go to bed at night feeling safe. It’s difficult for strangers to enter a condo building with secured entry, and more neighbours means  there is more of a neighbourhood watch over the building. The level of security is higher in this type of environment because of the security feature put in place, such as cameras and secured entry. Appleby Gardens...

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