Interior Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

Living in an Appleby Gardens luxury condo has many benefits such as access to great amenities and public transportation, low maintenance level and costs, green space access, and much more. Another great aspect of condo ownership is the high level of customization you can bring to your home’s interior design. Designing your condo’s interior is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and add your own flair through your design choices. From paint colour to furniture choices, making your condo fit your style is all about how you want to present your space to your guests. Here are a few decorating tips to give you inspiration for your condo interior design:     A well-placed mirror can make a big difference in a room! When you place a mirror opposite a window, the natural light from the window is reflected throughout the room. This brightens any space and makes it feel more open and airy. The bigger the mirror, the more light that is reflected!     Incorporating metallic or shiny fixtures and décor items, like a metallic lampshade, can also help reflect and disperse light in a room, creating that natural brightness. It’s also a way to incorporate a bold piece into your décor!     Floating shelving is a great way to provide storage, without the bulkiness of a bookcase or shelving unit. Install floating shelves right onto the wall for a modern sleek storage option.     Making your curtains the same colour as the walls creates an unbroken flow to the room and makes the room feel larger.     Decorative pieces that can be used for dual purposes are excellent for condo living because it saves space. A stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage chest is an example of a double-duty piece! There are many ways to decorate your condo space, even incorporating lovely planters to add a touch of green freshness to a room. At Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences, your condo is your oasis. Our open floor plans and modern fixtures offer a wonderful canvas for you to add your own interior design flair. If you are looking for new condominiums for sale in Burlington, or to start planning your future in...

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How to Deal with Noise Issues for Condo Living

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is built with quality sound-proofing techniques including high quality cement platforms between levels and sound-deadening materials between units. However, condo living does have one aspect that single-detached homes do not; immediate neighbours. Understanding how to deal with noise issues is easy when you have a proper understanding of laws and obligations as owners. Noise of Common Elements Often noises could be a result of mechanical equipment in your own unit, such as the furnace, water heater or other appliances. Noise could be generated by elevators or other common elements of the structure as well including the party room, exercise rooms rather than your neighbours. With common element noises your approach will be different. First you will want to pinpoint the source or area of the noise before contacting the Condo board or on-site staff. If the noise is from within your own condo, you could simply have a noisy appliance that needs repair. If it is a common element outside your unit, you will want to make notes about where it is coming from and at what time in order to give the building staff accurate information. Informing the building manager, followed by a written letter logging your complaint, then a letter to the board of directors of the condo board would be the proper order to follow up on a noise issue. Neighbourly Noise Living in a structure with upwards of a 100 units provides great benefits and few negative aspects. However, with close-proximity neighbours there can be noise complaints. The first thing to do is to reflect on the noise from your neighbour. Most laws, including the Ontario Condominium Act allow for noise levels that are objectively reasonable to the average person. This grey area is where most noise complaints can get into murky waters. However, there is a process in order to ensure all parties are able to enjoy their home to the best of their ability. If regular loud noise is endured, you can inform the building management about the noise in a verbal complaint. Approaching your neighbour in a polite manner may also get results and give...

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Condo Owners

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes bright sunlight and open windows. This is also an ideal time to start spring cleaning your condo. In order to take full advantage of the wonderful weather, here are some tips you can use to minimize the time you spend cleaning your condo, and maximize the enjoyment you get out of living in Appleby Gardens. Have The Right Supplies Before you start cleaning, take a look at what cleaning products and items you have, and buy what’s missing. When it comes to cleaning products, be sure you buy the most effective ones. This allows the product to do most of the work, not you, and will save you a lot of time. Work Room By Room Trying to clean your entire condo can feel overwhelming, and can actually slow you down. A better way to approach this, and to feel accomplished as you clean, is to work room by room. To refine this even further, start in one corner and work your way out. The noticeable difference will be encouraging, and can help motivate you to work faster. De-Clutter Before you start to clean, go around your home and tidy up any clutter. Most of us accumulate a lot of things throughout our lives, and experts estimate that only twenty percent of those items are actually important. Go through your home and throw out, shred, or recycle any clutter. This will go a long way to making your home look tidy even before you clean Clean Smarter, Not Harder Using cleaning supplies that are efficient and effective will help reduce the amount of scrubbing you do. Letting the products sit and soak in before wiping them off will ensure that the products are doing their job, and that you don’t need to work up a sweat while cleaning your condo. Other things, like letting the dishes soak and using self-cleaning settings where possible will also save you time, and energy. Don’t Ignore Hidden Areas Things like window coverings, exhaust fans, refrigerator coils, and the area behind the oven tend to get overlooked, even when condo owners do a big clean. Don’t...

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Green Thumbs Up- Tips for Condo Gardening

Living in a luxury condo has a plethora of benefits, one of which being your ability to customize your space to fit your taste and lifestyle. You can choose a décor theme, and furnish your condo however your heart desires! Another way to customize your home is to add a bit of green, and get gardening. Though you may not have a typical yard space for a garden, there are many ways you can tastefully incorporate plants into your condo. Planters Plants can add a splash of colour to any room, and provide a taste of the outdoors in between trips to the nearby park. A potted plant can be placed in any living space, and range from large leafy spreads to small succulent terrariums. Depending on your preference, you can customize an indoor planter however you like, from the plant type you choose to the amount of maintenance they require. Succulents and cacti tend to be favourite indoor plants due to their low maintenance and array of beautiful colours. Window boxes Another style of indoor garden is the indoor window box, a small rectangular glass box that fits on any windowsill. This is a great option for indoor gardening because your plants will have access to all the light they need! A great idea for the indoor window box is placing it in a kitchen window and planting fresh herbs in it. You will have all of your favourite fresh herbs at your fingertips, and can brag to your friends that you’ve grown them yourself! Balcony garden Placing your favourite plants in a balcony garden creates your very own outdoor oasis. Placing a few planter boxes on your balcony gives you the garden you desire-no need for a yard! You can plant your own veggies and herbs, or your favourite blooming flowers to bring a lively freshness to your balcony. In a small space like a balcony, less is more- it’s best to have a few well-tended plants than an overgrown jungle! These are just a few ways you can bring the outdoors in, and liven up your living space with some greenery. Your condo is your home,...

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Spring Home Shows Around the GTA

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments understands that you may need get inspiration for decorating and outfitting your new home. With completion of Appleby Gardens coming faster than you realize it may be time to start doing the Spring Home Show circuit around the GTA. Here is a list of Spring Home Shows that can get your creative juices flowing and even have you shopping for that perfect piece of furniture, art or accessory for your new home. Burlington Lifestyle Home Show The show runs April 22-April 24 and presents a long list of local and national vendors for your home. This series of home shows provide a great way to find local vendors for your home. From gardening, landscaping to furniture and interior decorating; with so many vendors they allow you to get great ideas for decorating your new condo.  For vendor coupons, check out this site. From the same show producers, you could also attend the upcoming Lifestyle Spring Home Shows in St. Catharines, Mississauga, Vaughan and Burlington. Details are available here. National Home Show Review Although you may have missed the largest home show in Canada for this year, it is already scheduled for next year from March 10-19, 2017, so mark your calendar. What were the design trends from this year’s National event? One event at the home show that dates back to the 1950s is the FutureDreamHome that showcases the latest trends in building design and technology. This old event provides ideas for today and the future. From the latest in construction materials to sustainable cutting-edge technologies to the rising SmartHome, the show was a great way to see how homes are being transformed. One of the major changes includes the ‘Eating & Entertaining’ spaces that are taking over the design of new homes. No longer do you have formal dining rooms, with a kitchen hidden off to one side. Kitchens are taking center stage with bright and open concepts that include spacious islands that double as eating centers. With SmartHome technologies, wireless TV and sound are being included as the kitchen has become the gathering spot of the new home. This concept...

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