10 Best Reasons to Purchase an Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments has many great features for home seekers, yet in this article we outline just the top ten reasons you should call us today for your appointment. As a luxury residence in Burlington, built by a boutique builder this list becomes effortless! The Best City Burlington has been named as one of the best cities in Canada in which to live, in fact scoring a top three spot in the 2015 rankings. Many that move to the area prefer its location between the hub of Toronto and Hamilton as well as its proximity to Niagara and cross-border shopping opportunities. A Transportation Hub Not only is Burlington excellently located between Toronto and Hamilton, two economic powerhouses, it is situated in a perfect transportation hub giving access to the 401, 403 and 407 highways, the GO Train station in Burlington and a VIA rail station in Aldershot, close by. With less than a sixty minute drive to one of the busiest airports in the world at Pearson or two other regional airports in Waterloo or Hamilton, your flight choices are unprecedented. Neighbourhood Luxuries Living on Appleby Line in Burlington provides amazing neighbourhood luxuries that you would not have in most other areas of Burlington, including the UpTown Commercial Center offering dental, massage, Starbucks, restaurants and more virtually at your door. With other large retailers like Canadian Tire, Metro grocery stores, banking facilities and more, all modern conveniences are within walking distance, allowing you the luxury of leaving the car at home. Premier Architectural Design Legendary ICON Architects are responsible for the building design of Appleby Gardens providing a top-notch facility not only in amenities, cement structural design for long term durability but also a façade that is eye-catching and beautiful to look at. Included Features Do not forget the many luxury features that are included in the condominium fees including a state of the art fitness facility, 24 hour concierge lobby with free Wifi, party room and underground parking make it a perfect oasis. Lower Maintenance Costs Tired of ridiculous taxes and maintenance costs as associated with Condominiums in the Toronto area? With Appleby Gardens...

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10 Tips for Pets in Condos

10 Tips for Pets in Condos Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences built by LJM Developments encourages you to become a responsible and respectful pet owner by following some great advice and tips as presented below. You do not have to give up on pet ownership, just because you live in a smaller space, but you definitely need to learn the optimal way to be a great pet owner. Pet Choice The first thing to consider is your Condo Association by-laws on allowable pets. Just because you are an owner does not necessarily give you the right to bring a 100lb Great Dane into your new luxury residence. Most Condos are suitable for pets less than 20lbs and usually are restricted to your usual suspects, cats and dogs. Please, no crocodiles, boa constrictors or ant farms. Not only is this for your safety but respects the needs of your pet as well. Imagine a very active breed like a Labrador or Border Collie in a smaller home like a condo. Be Respectful Imagine if you slept next to a continuously howling dog? If your pet is making undue noise before and after normal hours, you may be subject to a condo board hearing on your pet, with corrective action such as behaviour classes required. House Trained If your pet is not trained to spend most of their life indoors, while you move into your new luxury condo residence; you may have a few tough decisions ahead of you. Obviously pets cannot wander unleashed in cities, let alone in condo structures. Crate Trained Even better than house-trained is being able to have your pet crate trained. With new innovative products that even help you save space such as this cra-table and provides a utilitarian space-saving design. Devote Time to Play When a pet is house and crate trained, do not forget usually even the smallest breeds of dogs need a walk and some play time. Most cats also need play time so devote at least 30 minutes a day to uninterrupted play with your pet. Save Space In a charming luxury condo residence, space is at a premium so utilizing as much...

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Santa Monica Living in Burlington

There are many that dream of a life by the ocean with beach front living in a vivacious community and a home that fits into your modern living needs but has an eccentric appeal that goes beyond function. The new 7-storey ultra-luxurious condos of Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments models the best highlights of Santa Monica design while providing a modern update. Eclectic Style of SaMo One of the most famous architects this century was in fact born in Toronto and is best known for his Guggenheim Museum in Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles; Frank Gehry. This late life revival evolved out of the design of his own home as a unique example of deconstructivism in the heart of residential housing in Santa Monica. Gehry’s iconic bungalow provided a deconstructed view on housing angles and structures while using non-standard construction materials all embellished with an amazingly large skylight to split the home down the middle. However, the SaMo style is one of laid-back luxury. Being able to provide unique designs that offer just as much in eye-pleasing designs as they do in luxurious function is a cornerstone of developers in the area. Appleby Gardens, unique exterior design and mix of materials provides that same artistic flair giving a depth of appreciation to its artistic design. From deconstructed wood paneled exterior squares to its modern use of concrete, steel and glass provides owners with a modern SaMo design in the heart of Burlington. Understated Lifestyle The other aspect in SaMo you may be familiar with is its understated luxury. Locals in SaMo are often professionals in Silicon Valley or Hollywood stars, yet at home in SaMo this gets an understated impression. Stars, professionals and locals all feel at home in this mid-sized American town offering a wide variety of local attractions. From the Santa Monica Pier that has graced the ocean front for over a hundred years to the great weather in this micro-climate that offers perfect temperatures where many profess to never put on the ‘air’ or heat all year long. In Burlington, many parallels can be drawn to the great Santa...

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LJM Sponsors Leaders of the Future

  LJM Developments, the builder behind Appleby Gardens Condominiums is proud to announce its recent sponsorship of the Denim, Diamonds and Diplomas Gala Event hosted by the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society in support of a cutting edge DSBN Academy in Niagara. Brock University Leaders The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society is a group of recognized leaders that help raise awareness and funds for various causes in the University community and the communities in the surrounding area. The group of leaders this season have chosen the DSBN Academy of Niagara. The members of BLCS approached LJM Developments recently about an opportunity to help sponsor the event featuring young leaders from this public school. The DSBN Academy is a public school like no other in Canada. It helps first generation students achieve what no one else in their families before them have; a higher education. The whole premise behind the school is to achieve their dream of getting into a higher learning institution ‘by any means necessary’. Often this means that teachers are councillors, grant writers and teachers all in one. Students at the academy are encouraged to follow their dreams. Denim, Diamonds & Diplomas Unfortunately, many of these students do not have the financial means to get there themselves and must rely on grants, scholarships and private fundraisers to support their dreams. The BLCS hosting this event aims to not only raise funds for tuition and expenses, but to raise awareness in the community at large to help support the leaders of the future. The funds raised at the gala will help make bursaries available to the first DSBN graduating class in 2017. Billy Latour, current student and part of that first graduating class has his dreams set firmly on attending Western University and aiming as high as possible. ”Being a socially responsible company is a priority at LJM. Helping our youth become future leaders was an easy decision” states LJM’s CEO Liaquat...

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