Appleby Residences is Turning Cramped into Charmed

Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments is one of the premier luxury residences being built in Burlington. However, as a first time home buyer you may be eschewing Condominiums because of their typical size limitations, yet it may be a matter of simple perspective. Find out how to maximize space, save money and learn how to live in an urban setting, all while avoiding the million dollar price tag of a stand-alone home in the GTA.  Get Real One of the first items that any Condominium owner needs to understand is that owning a home has gotten very expensive in Toronto and somewhat by extension in the Greater Toronto Area. Yet, it is still cheaper to own over renting. So if you cannot afford the half million to million dollar price tag of a single family home, you need to accept some of the better alternatives; Condominiums are that great alternative. Condo ownership comes with its own pros and cons, just as a single home does. One of the largest of course is the price tag of pre-build and new-build pricing over homes. Condos average 50% or less. By buying a new Condo pre-build with a 50% discount over traditional housing, it can offer a ton of benefits like new modifications after possession or into other areas of your life. It is a matter of accepting your situation and making the best of it in a positive way. Learning to Maximize Appleby Gardens’ builder LJM Developments has a great track record of ensuring all your Condo space is usable, maximizing the space that you have. One bedroom units have over 600 sq. ft. while two bedroom units approach almost 1000 sq. ft. of space. By changing your perspective, you can go from referring to your new home as cramped to one that is charming and cozy. What can help a lot with that perception is ensuring you use your space effectively as well. One area that you need to be creative and focused is ensuring that you tackle a great storage plan for your new home. Hire a professional closet organization company to install closet organizers to use every inch....

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Community Building in Burlington by Appleby Gardens

Appleby Gardens by LJM Developments is a luxury residence in one of the greatest cities to live in here in Canada. Yet it is only as great as its residents. By owning at Appleby Gardens you have a unique opportunity to become an active community member and help keep Burlington great. LJM Developments takes great pride in its civic duty and encourages its staff, vendors and residents to get involved to make it the city you want to live in, raise a family and retire in. Here are just a few great options around Burlington that could use your help. Cultural Pursuits One of the great elements of society is being able to get involved in pursuits that relate directly to your cultural heritage. In Burlington there is no shortage of cultural institutions that are deserving of your attention. Joseph Brant Museum – a museum that celebrates the foundations of this great city. Dedicated to the founder of Burlington, the Mohawk who first settled at the Head-of-the-Lake and located in a replica of Joseph Brant’s original home, its collection unearths the early years in Burlington. Ireland House Museum – represents the oldest Heritage Home in Burlington, a farm house built in 1837 exploring early Upper Canada farming life; a place revering the area’s agricultural pursuits and achievements. The Friends of Bronte Creek Provincial Park is another great group to volunteer your time for the improvement of cultural outdoor pursuits.   The Wonders of Art and Music If your interests lie more in the world of art and music than the past, these local organizations provide a great leisure-time outlet for community building. Burlington Concert Band – founded in 1908 is a band composed of local musician volunteers and plays a wide range of styles and repertoire. Its main focus is to provide events to raise funds for various charitable causes is a member of the Performing Arts Burlington and Canadian Band Association and plays mainly in the Burlington Performing Arts Center. With no audition necessary it is a great to get involved and give back to the community. Arts Burlington – provides a group communication, fundraising and event tool...

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The Great Outdoors near Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences

Living in one of the greatest cities in Canada, Burlington offers a wealth of outdoor activities to feed your soul and body. From physical exertion to pure natural pursuits, Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments provide a great home base for enjoying some amazing outdoor activities. Let’s explore the City of Burlington and area activities together. Warm-Weather Pursuits Living in a northern climate tend to provoke a shedding of clothing earlier than probably is wise compared to the temperatures. Many Canadians in the spring will opt for a T-shirt in 10-15°C weather, whereas in the fall this would require a sweater. Being cooped up all winter long enables us to appreciate these temperatures. In Burlington when spring and summer roll around, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy and close to your new Condo home as well. With 10 city parks within just 30 minutes walking distance and two literally right around the corner, enjoying a brisk walk or light jog to these parks is easy. If you prefer cycling, the waterfront trail in Burlington is an easy 30 minute ride, while the Bronte Creek Provincial Park is less than 20 minutes away. For cycling enthusiasts, the Rattlesnake Point Conservation and the Royal Botanical Gardens are both within an hour’s ride. Of course the Botanical Gardens with outdoor gardens is a great day event for the entire family. With 8 Golf courses within the city limits, hitting the links is never far away. For those with more adventuresome tastes, Mount Nemo Conservation area, part of the Bruce Trail and Niagara Escarpment is only 15 minutes away by car. With plenty of hiking trails, family picnic spots and rock climbing cliff faces, it can keep those ultimately interested in the outdoors occupied for days. Of course if you like the more relaxed side of life, the waterfront trail, Pier and beaches along Burlington’s Lake Ontario shoreline provides plenty of fun in the sun in the summer. Winter Wonderland Activities Winter provides just as many fun filled and snowy adventures. From your new Home at Appleby you could be hitting the slopes at Glen Eden in under 30 minutes...

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Responsible Pet Ownership At Appleby Gardens Condominium

Appleby Gardens Condominium will welcome your new cat or dog with pleasure, but has policies to ensure that your pet ownership is responsible so it does not affect the pleasure of other owners. Having a pet can be one of the most soul soothing relationships for some, while it can present itself as a nuisance to others. Learning to coexist in the same building requires understanding and responsibility from both pet owners and non-pet owners. The Rules As with most condominiums there are few hard and fast rules. The one most new owners will need to concern themselves with immediately is that new pets are limited to a 40 pound or 18 kilogram maximum for all pets at Appleby Gardens Condominium . This rule is meant to bridge the gap from the amazing benefits of pet ownership and yet create an environment conducive to the enjoyment of the facilities by all condo owners. Other rules regarding pets are generally posted by the municipality. The City of Burlington requires dog licensing of all dogs within the town which differs based on whether the pet is sterile or not. There is also a dangerous dog regulation that states extra care must be taken by pet owners of pets that have bitten or attacked another person or animal without provocation. Another responsible owner rule is one that most are already aware of; stoop and scoop. All animal feces within the City of Burlington and Appleby Gardens Condo areas must be immediately removed by the owner and placed in a bag in a trash receptacle. This of course helps support a clean environment for the enjoyment of all. Condo Pet Ownership Tips If you are excited to move into Appleby Gardens Condo and just as excited to embark on a new pet ownership adventure as well, be sure to follow these tips to keep your pet, you and your neighbours happy. First consider a breed that maxes out at the limit imposed by Appleby Gardens, posted above of 40 lbs. Next consider the activity level of your pet in concert with your own activity level. You would not necessarily want a breed that requires active exercise daily...

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Welcome to Burlington

Home of Appleby Gardens Condominiums Burlington, home to the new and stunning Appleby Gardens Condominiums is a great place to put down roots. This blog will start to explore the more exciting aspects of Appleby Gardens, Condo living and the amenities that Burlington has to offer. Being named the ‘Best Mid-Sized City in Canada‘ in MoneySense’s 2014 National City ranking gives homebuyers cause for celebration and excitement as they search for that perfect home. Short History of Burlington Burlington has a unique place in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe area, being geographically marked as the center of the GHA and yet still part of the GTA. This great city placement means that the beautiful sites of the World recognized natural wonders of the Niagara Escarpment and Falls are quick commutes, while still providing a convenient option for those working in downtown Toronto with GoRail options. Once a pioneer settlement between the great town of York and Hamilton, Burlington was settled for its great farming land and moderate temperatures; it’s once prominent wharf-side docks were replaced with rail for the local farmer’s produce. The farming history of the area is prominent and to this day still dominates the southwest end of the city near the Grindstone watershed. As the first location in Canada to grow peaches it was considered the ‘Garden of Canada’. Moderated Weather The town’s population began to boom after the world wars and continues to outpace the national average on an annual basis. Part of this growth is because of Burlington’s great location for transportation and commuting. Yet it is also for its more moderate weather as its snow and low temperatures are moderated by its closeness to Lake Ontario and the sheltering effect of the Niagara Escarpment to the south of the city. Diversified Economy Situated as it is between the huge economic engine that is Toronto and the large Hamilton metropolitan area, Burlington businesses thrive and benefit from these two large markets. As its economy is very diversified, it allows the city to weather economic downturns better than other economies. This can be seen by its low unemployment, currently at 5.5%, compared...

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