10 Tips for Pets in Condos

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences built by LJM Developments encourages you to become a responsible and respectful pet owner by following some great advice and tips as presented below. You do not have to give up on pet ownership, just because you live in a smaller space, but you definitely need to learn the optimal way to be a great pet owner.

  1. Pet Choice

The first thing to consider is your Condo Association by-laws on allowable pets. Just because you are an owner does not necessarily give you the right to bring a 100lb Great Dane into your new luxury residence.

Most Condos are suitable for pets less than 20lbs and usually are restricted to your usual suspects, cats and dogs. Please, no crocodiles, boa constrictors or ant farms. Not only is this for your safety but respects the needs of your pet as well. Imagine a very active breed like a Labrador or Border Collie in a smaller home like a condo.

  1. Be Respectful

Imagine if you slept next to a continuously howling dog? If your pet is making undue noise before and after normal hours, you may be subject to a condo board hearing on your pet, with corrective action such as behaviour classes required.

  1. House Trained

If your pet is not trained to spend most of their life indoors, while you move into your new luxury condo residence; you may have a few tough decisions ahead of you. Obviously pets cannot wander unleashed in cities, let alone in condo structures.

  1. Crate Trained

Even better than house-trained is being able to have your pet crate trained. With new innovative products that even help you save space such as this cra-table and provides a utilitarian space-saving design.


  1. Devote Time to Play

When a pet is house and crate trained, do not forget usually even the smallest breeds of dogs need a walk and some play time. Most cats also need play time so devote at least 30 minutes a day to uninterrupted play with your pet.

  1. Save Space

In a charming luxury condo residence, space is at a premium so utilizing as much accessories to help you contain your pet is a great way to ensure they do not encroach on your space. A pet-eatery is one of those must have condo pet accessories. Keep the bowls up off the ground and out of the way.

pet eatery

  1. Balcony Doo-Doo

Being on the 7th floor may provide a great view of surrounding Burlington, but having to run to the street for a doo-doo in a rush may be a bit difficult. Here the Porch Potty product offers a great alternative for dogs with a stylish design. Be sure to check with the homeowners association for all porch furniture before buying.

porch potty

  1. Accessorize

Being organized in a small space with just the right accessories for your pet can ensure you are prepared for walks, keep your pet happy and that you only have what is needed. Consider a retractable leash with a doggy stoop and scoop bag holder as essentials. A doggie sweater and possibly a cloth for wiping their paws for inclement weather outings may be necessary as well.

  1. Keep up on Their Shots

Keeping your pet healthy and happy of course requires regular visits to the veterinarian, but it also ensures that they have all their shots just in case there is an accident with other pets or people at Appleby Gardens.

  1. Pet-Safe Your Condo

Balconies are not always designed with pets in mind. Being sure that your loved one is not able to slip over the edge is paramount as your first endeavour in pet-safety. Other items include ensuring cupboards have child locks to keep pets out of food or chemicals.