New condominiums for sale in Burlington

Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences by LJM Developments is a luxury residence that is set for completion in June of 2016. With just a few weeks and just a couple units left in the unit, here is a great list why you might want to snap up a unit.

Bespoke Style

LJM is known as a boutique builder that not only cares about the style and layout of every single unit, but also ensures that the outside of the building is an architectural work of art that will have value for decades.

The View

Buying a unit on floors five through seven provide unprecedented views of surrounding Burlington, giving you a view detached home owners would dream of.

Underground Parking

Heated underground parking means you get up in the morning, walk to your car and drive away. Never having to worry about snow and ice again in Canada is a dream in itself.

Reduced Lifestyle Fees

With a party room, WiFi lobby, and fitness centre you can enjoy the perks of these lifestyle elements without having to pay extra monthly fees.

No Landscape Maintenance

Never worry about the bushes on your property, mowing the lawn, shovelling snow or building a fence. The building condo board ensures property maintenance is taken care of.

A Real Community

A condo provides an opportunity for those that are out-going and get involved to develop lasting friendships within this micro-community. Be a part of the community by getting involved in the condo board or by holding events in the party room on a monthly or weekly basis.

A Freer Lifestyle

No need for a house sitter in order to jet off on a last minute vacation. Simply walk out your front door and your home will be the same when you return as when you left it.

Shared Maintenance Costs

Never worry about roofing costs, window replacements or pavement repair again. As part of the condo board you can help ensure that maintenance fees are spent wisely and effectively. You will never have to contract the work yourself.

Investment Opportunity

With the rise in Canadian home prices across the country, whether you buy a unit solely for investment or hope to get appreciated value, the prospects are excellent considering the current real estate market.

Better Security

Controlled entrances and on-site security and concierge ensure that your home is more protected than a stand-alone home ever could be. With close neighbours you also have an in-built neighbourhood watch program.

Of course all of these reasons do not even address the magnificence that is Appleby Gardens Luxury Residences unit designs. From 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom plus a den to penthouse suites you could have the home of your dream in a perfect location for commuting to Toronto for work with the right layout and amenities that you have always wanted.

Take the time and consider an Appleby Condo today by calling 1-877-8850284 or emailing for your free consultation.